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Billy's Bootcamp Hits Wii

Popular DVD training program one of two exercise games announced by Rocket Company.


Tae Bo creator Billy Blanks is making the big move from DVD to... err, Wii-compatible DVD. Rocket Company is adapting the Billy's Bootcamp exercise program (which I was totally stunned to find is a Japan-only phenomenon) for a Wii exercise game called Billy's Bootcamp: Enjoy Diet on Wii!.

Billy has been digitized as a low poly Wii model for his video game debut. He'll train you just like he does in the DVDs, though, facing the screen and flanked by students. The game will be fully voiced using the voice of Billy himself.

Unlike the DVDs, the game checks up on your exercise technique by having you hold Wiimotes. You can use just one Wiimote, but opt for "Double Wiimote Style" with two Wiimotes and your motions can be more precisely checked.

Also exclusive for Wii players, the game will track and save your exercise time, burnt calories, weight change and other areas automatically. Some of this may be done through the Balance Wii Board, as Rocket Company lists support for the device.

You'll have access to three exercise programs:

Exercise a particular area
Select your location and difficulty, set a time and target calorie burn, and exercise away.
Leave it to Billy
Tell Billy how you feel, and he'll create an exercise program for the day.
Intensive Exercise
An intensive exercise program over a 3, 5 or 7 day period.

Billy's Wii debut is set for March 2011. Famitsu.com has additional screens.

This is actually just one of two exercise games Rocket Company announced today. The other is a sequel, "Shape Boxing 2: Enjoy Diet on Wii." (Yes, it has the same subtitle.)

For the sequel, Rocket Company promises a more powerful diet support tool which allows you to select a menu based off your goal, and a selection of familiar J-POP tracks as background music. You'll find a world travel theme this time, as you travel to six countries and train with six different instructors.

Rocket Company is adding gamish features to the title. You'll be able to earn points which can be used to obtain items for dressing up your avatar. There's also a new "competition" element to some of the events.

Shape Boxing 2 arrives on December 16, making it the first way for you to Enjoy Diet on Wii before Billy takes over in March.

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