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The 3rd Birthday Open Theater Clip Now Available

Closed theater clips to begin airing next week.

Aya, after she's been snatched up by a fierce tentacled Twisted in the new PV.

Square Enix continued with its release of Tokyo Game Show "Open Theater" trailers today with a trailer for The 3rd Birthday. Access the official site for the footage. Under the "trailer" section, you'll find three resolutions, including HD.

The trailer introduces Thelonious, Hyde, and Dr.Blank (lead scientist at CTI). Thelonious details the Overdive system, which gives Aya the ability to warp into the past and into other people's bodies. Midway through the trailer, Thelonious introduces Aya to a girl named Gabrielle, who tells Aya that she'll loan her her body from 3 days prior and asks that she help save someone.

Gameplay footage shows Aya's Overdive warping activities on the battle field. There's also some footage of Aya piloting a helicopter and driving a tank. It looks like Aya actually Overdives into these vehicles (presumably into the pilot of the vehicles).

At the end of the trailer, you'll get to see the Eve character.

Eve walks off with someone in the new trailer.

As with the previous Dissidia and Kingdom Hearts Re:Coded trailers, this is listed as the game's "short version" trailer, as it's from the show's Open Theater area. In a Tweet earlier today, Tetsuya Nomura said the Closed Theater trailers, a set of trailers that were shown exclusively to those waiting in line to play Dissidia, Kingdom Hearts Re:Coded and The 3rd Birthday, will be released starting next week.

In a previous Tweet, Nomura had said all trailers would be released, so this hopefully includes the brief Final Fantasy Versus XIII and Agito XIII footage.

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