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Dissidia 012 Final Fantasy Developer Interview

Nomura and Takahashi share new details on the upcoming crossover.

Although announced just ahead of the Tokyo Game Show, Duodecim was playable at the show and will see release this Spring.

Dengeki Games recently got some one-on-two time with creative producer Tetsuya Nomura and director Mitsunori Takahashi regarding Dissidia Duodecim Final Fantasy. Final Fantasy Reunion passed along a transcript of the interview.

Development on Duodecim started in August of last year, Takahashi revealed. They'd already begun work on it before Dissidia Final Fantasy Universal Tuning saw release.

Nomura classified Duodecim as a sequel to the original Dissidia. In terms of positioning in the series, the first Dissidia depicted the thirteenth battle between Chaos and Cosmos. The sequel depicts the twelfth battle.

Asked about the game's concept, Takahashi said that they wanted to do more than just a simple version up that adds a few additional characters. There will be other new characters besides Kain and Lightning (the TGS trailer, of course, showed Tifa), but outside of new characters the game will have new battle elements and new play features.

The new "Assist" feature is one such new battle system. This system lets you call upon a support character that you've selected in advance. By depleting an Assist Gauge, which you build up by performing Brave attacks, you can make your assist character perform a brave attack or HP attack for you.

The Assist system, explained Takahashi, will be an important element in the game's battle system. It was actually the result of the team attempting to come up with ideas when Nomura said that wanted the Duodecim combat system to be more enjoyable than the original. Two of the goals for the battle system were: increase player choice to deepen the experience, and make the battles look livelier. The Assist system achieves both of these.

Regarding new characters, selection appears to be a tough task. Explained Takahashi, the staff is looking at characters who are popular amongst Final Fantasy fans and characters who will show some uniqueness during battle. Takahashi faces a dilemma in deciding on which characters to include, as between the staff and the fans there are a large number of requests, and they can't include everyone.

Lightning and Kain, just two of the newcomer characters for Duodecim.

Newcomers Kain and Lightning are both on the Cosmos side of the fight. So who will serve as their Chaos counterparts? This may not be a valid question anymore. Nomura said that this time rather than Chaos and Cosmos pairs, they're selecting characters from the series as a whole. This is why it's possible for Cecil and Kain, two Cosmos characters from Final Fantasy IV, to appear in the game.

Incidentally, Nomura revealed that he'd actually wanted to include Kain in the original Dissidia.

All the current characters are returning, complete with new costumes. Each character will have their "normal" and "another" costumes from the original, along with a new "3P" color costume. Nomura said the 3P costumes will have "impact" in their looks. In some cases, you may not immediately recognize the characters.

The previously announced Aya Brea Lightning and Kingdom Hearts Cloud costumes, included as bonus content for those with product codes from the first print runs of The 3rd Birthday and Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep Final Mix, serve as special "download costumes" for Lightning and Cloud. The two characters also have normal, another and 3P costumes.

The Cloud costume actually took a bit of work to get into the game. Explained Takahashi, the character's cloak required additional bones to make it move.

Aya Brea Lightning and Kingdom Hearts Cloud costumes for those who buy Square Enix's major PSP releases.

Duodecim will carry your data over from Dissida Final Fantasy and Universal Tuning. The staff is currently looking into what exactly players will be able to import.

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