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Nintendo Conference 2010 Second Hand Live Blog

Covering Nintendo's press conference through others, because I wasn't invited.


Nintendo is holding its Nintendo Conference 2010 press briefing today at the Makuhari Messe convention center on the outskirts of Tokyo. At the event, Nintendo will be announcing specifics on the 3DS launch and will have demo units set up for attendees to try out.

I know the time, I know the place... but I'm not going because my invite apparently got lost in the mail (again... this happens every year, possibly due to the privatization of the postal service).

Instead of live blogging directly, I'm going to be live blogging second hand. This means I'll be reading the Japanese Twitter updates and live blog postings of others and translating them in this space throughout the afternoon.

Check back around 14:00 or so.

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15:04 -- And that looks like it! Thanks for reading the live blog! Check back later for more formal coverage of all that was announced.

15:04 -- The new Wii Zelda game was flagged for 2011, although I believe this was known before.

15:03 -- Last Story is due for release on January 27.

15:03 -- A couple of other points I missed.

15:02 -- "Starting with Kingdom Hearts, we'd like to release a number of titles on 3DS."

15:02 -- Tetsuya Nomura also delivered a video message.

15:02 -- Oh wait...

15:01 -- Now, attendees will get to try out the system.

14:59 -- Level-5 believes that by using the 3DS's 3D capabilities, puzzle solving will become more direct for the layer. CEO Akihiro Hino says that they're putting their power into 3DS development.

14:57 -- Resident Evil The Mercenaries 3D is also in development.

14:56 -- A guy from Capcom (Kawata, I believe) says that Resident Evil Revolution is "pure horror." He believes players will be excited to play it in 3D.

14:55 -- So... Nikkei has some somewhat excited English Tweets if you want to read: http://twitter.com/#!/Nikkei_TRENDY.

14:54 -- He introduces a video with commentary from the various game companies.

14:53 -- They're taking up this problem with the 3DS.

14:53 -- Nintendo was hoping for things to change with the spread of Wii, but this did not go as expected.

14:52 -- Iwata turns things up a bit and says that it's often said that third party games don't sell on Nintendo hardware. It's true that Wii third party game sales are low in Japan and the first year of Nintendo DS software sales was all Nintendo, but this has since changed.

14:51 -- Overseas plans will be announced later via Nintendo's overseas branches.

14:51 -- The system will be available in Aqua Blue and Cosmo Black.

14:50 -- The video reel showed games like Animal Crossing, Ocarina of Time, Chocobo Racing, Metal Gear Solid, Paper Mario, etc...

14:50 -- 3DS Dated for February 26, priced 25,000 yen!

14:47 -- Next, a video of games that are scheduled for release.

14:47 -- Nintendo is partnering with Fuji TV to distribute free 3D videos daily on an experimental basis.

14:46 -- Iwata says they want to deliver new experiences every day using this Itsunoma ni Tsuushin.

14:45 -- Also, 3DS users will be able to use 3DS's Wi-Fi functionality from NTT BP's Wifine area apparently some time starting in 2011.

14:44 -- Similar to the DSi, NTT will be supporting 3DS internet connection.

14:44 -- (Iwata specifically mentioned McDonalds)

14:43 -- You can actually use this feature anywhere -- even from DS Station and Nintendo Zone. That's right, McDonalds!

14:43 -- This feature has the system automatically download new rankings, new ghost data, new free software, notices from Nintendo and more, all through Wi-Fi.

14:42 -- Next up, Iwata introduces something called "Itsu no ma ni Tsuushin."

14:41 -- They will also sell "Classic Games" viewed in 3D.

14:41 -- They'll be selling Game Boy and Game Boy Advance "Virtual Console" games.

14:40 -- Nintendo will be bundling a 2GB SD card with the system.

14:39 -- Err... that is, Iwata and Miyamoto's faces, merged in one.

14:39 -- I think Iwata is demonstrated this through Miyamoto's face.

14:39 -- This can be used to synthesize two faces into one, it seems.

14:39 -- Use the system's internal and external cameras, you can take 3D pictures and view immediately on the spot.

14:38 -- I'm not sure what those first two are.

14:38 -- Using this, you can view your "Memory Notebook," "Number of Steps" and play time.

14:37 -- You can press the system's Home button to use the system's other functionality even in mid game.

14:37 -- They will be including a series of AR Games -- that's "Augmented Reality" -- with the 3DS hardware.

14:36 -- Iwata introduces the Tag Mode Mii Plaza, where you can view the Miis that you've gathered via Tag Mode.

14:36 -- You can also convert your Miis to a QR Code which can be sent out to SD Card in standard formats and placed on your home page, for instance, so that others can scan it with their 3DS to get your Mi

14:35 -- After this, you can just adjust the various parts to create your Mii.

14:35 -- Mii Studio can be used to make the Mii experience simpler. You can use the system's camera to take a picture of your face.

14:34 -- Iwata cites the previous figure he gave of there being 180 million Miis out there.

14:33 -- Iwata moves on to an introduction of Mii Studio.

14:33 -- The developer video comes to to an end.

14:33 -- I really have no idea what he's talking about.

14:32 -- He says they'd like to use Tag Mode in a Love Plus game to allow you to tell lies to your girlfriends. Huh?

14:32 -- Next, Mr. Love Plus from Konami.

14:31 -- You'll be able to use Wi-Fi to receive fight requests wherever you are.

14:30 -- Yoshinori Ono from Capcom says that they wanted to make a Street Fighter where you can battle anywhere.

14:30 -- Namco Bandai's Sakagami says that he wants to use Tag Mode for rankings and exchanging ghost data in Ridge Racer 3D.

14:28 -- Now they're showing a video of developer commentary.

14:28 -- As previously detailed, with the 3DS, all games can communicate when the system is in sleep mode.

14:27 -- Iwata is now explaining the Tag Mode functionality.

14:27 -- You can put the system in a cradle for quicker transfers, it seems.

14:26 -- Next, they show some sort of Mii creation studio.

14:25 -- They show an Autmented Reality game that uses the camera

14:24 -- They show someone stopping play of a game, then connecting to a web browser.

14:24 -- It shows the Tag Mode functionality, selecting notices from a list, Miis recieved through tag mode.

14:23 -- They're showing a promotion video.

14:22 -- Nintendo does not believe that making the 3DS spread will be easy. They must cross previously unseen hurdles.

14:20 -- They're showing screenshots of Resident Evil and Metal Gear Solid to show off the ability of the 3DS hardware.

14:20 -- Nintendo believes that when it comes to 3D output, portable machines are overwhelmingly advantageous.

14:19 -- Nintendo believes that because with a portable game machine, all people who buy the hardware will have the same environment.

14:19 -- Solving this chicken and egg problem is not easy, says Iwata.

14:18 -- "If you don't have software that makes use of the 3D display, you cannot show the charms. If there is no expectation for hardware spread, people will not develop software."

14:17 -- He mentioned the Virtual Boy as an example of a trial that did not go so good.

14:17 -- Iwata says that Nintendo has for a long time sought pursued 3D technology with the hope of allowing gamers to more freely move through game spaces.

14:16 -- Next up, 3DS!

14:15 -- Iwata also confirms the development of the Wiimote Plus, which combines Wiimote with Wii Motion Plus. Details will be shared later at the official site.

14:15 -- Set for 10/28, price ¥18000

14:15 -- Nintendo will release a DSi LL Super Mario 25th anniversary version.

14:14 -- 4gamer also has a Twitter feed: clicky click

14:12 -- Now on to Super Mario Collection!

14:11 -- Iwata says that the reason Black & White sold so well was because it reached these audiences.

14:11 -- "The people playing the new Pokemon game aren't just kids, but high school students and people in their 20s."

14:09 -- Of course, this was already revealed last week.

14:09 -- They reached 2.55 million sales in their first week -- a new record for the Japanese game industry.

14:09 -- Iwata is discussing sales of Pokemon Black & White.

14:07 -- He's wearing his usual suit and vest combo.

14:07 -- Iwata takes the stage.

14:07 -- Final 3DS design, according to Mark from 1up: http://yfrog.com/0p9esqj

14:06 -- The conference has started.

14:01 -- 1 minute to go, says the Nikkei Trendy guy.

13:58 -- The Nikkei Trendy guy says that in addition to the price and release date, he's interested in seeing some secret functionality that has yet to be announced. I wonder if he's just speculating, or if he's actually heard something...

13:54 -- This thing is so coming out this year in Japan!

13:53 -- Close up look at the giant sign they have at the front of the event hall: http://yfrog.com/mtjmxoj

13:50 -- Mr. Pound Cake has started updating at the Trendy Twitter.

13:45 -- While you're waiting for the press conference to start, check out this story for some 3DS commentary from Japan's biggest producers. The comments appeared in Famitsu back in July.

13:42 -- Oh man... you have to click refresh for Famitsu's story to update.

13:41 -- According to Martyn Williams who took the picture for IDG, the hall holds some 1,200 people.

13:40 -- Wondering why Nintendo needed to book out the massive Makuhari Messe for the event? This should give you some idea: http://twitpic.com/2sywmg

13:36 -- Famitsu is live blogging too: clicky click.

13:35 -- Looks like Martyn Williams from IDG News is at the event. Follow him on Twitter here.

13:10 -- Check back closer to 14:00ish for updates... hopefully.

13:08 -- It just means that Famitsu didn't get early notice. The magazine doesn't have any of the announcement details this week.

13:08 -- This doesn't mean there won't be any new game announcements at today's press conference.

13:07 -- The Ubisoft games are also new for Famitsu's list, but they were all announced back at E3... just under different names.

13:07 -- The only new game in there is Class of Heroes 3Dx3D.

13:07 -- It's based off the release list that's in Famitsu this week.

13:07 -- Here's the current Japanese 3DS release list that I put up at IGNDS just now.

13:06 -- While you're waiting for updates to come in...

13:05 -- Here's another example of an epic failure of a live blog: clicky click

13:04 -- I don't imagine the Nikkei guys going too crazy with the live updates, so this live blog has a tremendous chance of epic failure.

13:03 -- By the way, I currently know of just one source for this live blog: some guy who goes by the name "Pound Cake" at Nikkei Trendy's Twitter.

13:03 -- The conference will begin in about an hour... I think.

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