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Namco Bandai Readying Ace Combat, Famisuta and Ridge Racer For 3DS

Publisher shares screens and details for five games at Nintendo press conference.


Namco Bandai is bringing some of its biggest franchises to 3DS. At the Nintendo Conference 2010 press briefing earlier today, the publisher provided details and first screens for its early lineup.

Ace Combat 3D

Namco Bandai is bringing its flight series to the 3DS for release at an undisclosed date. The publisher did not share details or screenshots.

Double Pen Sports

This sports game has players hold a touch pen in both hands to play. You'll have to use both hands simultaneously, creating what Namco Bandai promises to be a "new style" action game with "a fresh control style."

Screenshots show how this system works. During an archery game, you first slide up with the left pen. With the right pen, you slide down, then take aim and let go to fire. It's like shooting a real arrow. In a soccer game, you use the left stylus to approach your opponent goal, then kick with the right stylus.

The requirement for multiple touch pens would suggest that the game will include a second pen. Namco Bandai's announcement wasn't clear on this area.

A release is set for Spring 2011.

Tales of the Abyss

A port of the 2005 PlayStation 2 Tales game Tales of the Abyss. A release is set for some time in 2011.

Pro Baseball Famisuta 2011

The popular Famisuta baseball series comes to 3DS with a new "dash base stealing" feature and a "defense shift change" system. The game also promises updated dream pennant and wireless play modes. A release is set for 2011.

Ridge Racer

The Ridge Racer series comes to 3DS with 3D visuals. A release is set for Spring 2011.

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