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AQ, Sunsoft, and ASCII Readying 3DS Games For Spring

New Runabout and more on the way from the "lesser" publishers.


Nintendo 3DS has the support of the Konamis, the Segas and the Namco Bandais. But Japan's smaller publishing community is giving the system some early support as well. Here's a look at what was announced at the Nintendo Conference 2010 event yesterday from Sunsoft, AQ Interactive, ASCII Mediaworks and Gakken.

Cubic Ninja

From AQ Interactive, this action puzzle game gives you control of a cube-shaped ninja and has you attempt to escape a mansion. You'll need to deal with the various traps that fill the mansion, including breaking blocks and giant steel balls. You control the action by tilting the 3DS system.

The game also includes a mansion editor. You can create your own trap filled mansions and exchange them with other players.

A release is set for Spring.

Shanghai 3D Cube

This 3D puzzler from Sunsoft follows the basics of Shanghai, only you can view the puzzle in 3D. In addition to pyramids of mahjong pieces, the game also includes cube layouts. You'll be able to play in multiplayer as well. A release is set for Spring.


And just like that, the 3DS has its first edutainment game courtesy of Gakken. Earthpedia is themed around the Earth, outer space and the world (it took me a while to accept it, but yes this is totally different from the "Earth" theme). The title promises to make use of the 3DS's 3D support, high resolution and accelerometer. A release is set for Summer 2011.

Fish On

ASCII Media Works is readying the 3DS's first fishing game. This true fishing game promises beautiful water visuals. You'll be able to move between points on the water in your boat, or you can choose to fish from various points around your lodge. A release is set for Spring.

Runabout for Nintendo 3DS

Climax delivers a new entry in its driving action series in this collaboration with Rocket Company. The concept of destruction as you race through the city to clear missions is unchanged for the 3DS version. A release is set for Spring. This game was announced at E3 as "Crash-City GP.

Medalot for Nintendo 3DS

The Medalot series comes to 3DS in 2011 courtesy of Rocket Company. The 3DS version promises the same customization, growth, collection and trading aspects of past entries. This game was announced at E3 as VS-robo.

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