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Godly God Eater Burst Demo is Packed with 29 Missions

Namco Bandai give you the first part of the game in full.

The God Eater Burst demo is packed with content.

We already knew that the upcoming God Eater Burst demo was going to be godly enough to put godly in the headlines describing it. (In case you didn't know this, read this story). Today, the God Eater Burst official blog confirmed just how godly it will be.

The demo will include the first full 29 missions of the game. You'll find all the story sequences, equipment, materials and items that you'll find in the final version.

You're basically getting the first part of the full spec final version. The blog post says that you can think of the demo as basically the game's prologue cut out in full and given to you.

More advanced players can look forward to three challenge missions just for the demo These put you against multiple Aragami creatures, but you'll thankfully get access to the game's more advanced NPC companion system.

The demo will have multiplayer support between other demo players (although it won't be playable with the retail version.)

As previously detailed, you'll be able to import your demo save data to the game's final build. This will allow you to carry over your equipment and items into the final build. You can choose to restart the game with all these goods in your possession, or you can just continue from where you left off in the demo. You'll also be able to redo your customized character following the import.

The demo will also let you sample the game's Avatar Card system. You'll be able to save your play data to an Avatar Card, which can also imported to the game's final build. The demo will be missing a key feature from the system, though. You won't be able to exchange the cards with other players. In the final version, exchanging the cards gives other players your character to use as NPC allies during missions.

The demo is scheduled to hit early this month.

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