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Masahiro Sakurai Discusses Kid Icarus with Dengeki

Plus, what Nintendo Conference games impressed the Smash Bros. creator?


Dengeki Online got to sample the various 3DS games on display at the recent Nintendo Conference press event. But their experience with Kid Icarus Uprising went a bit further. Director Masahiro Sakurai apparently visited the demo area while they were playing, and they were able to get a few comments from him.

The site first asked Sakurai about the reaction Kid Icarus was getting from attendees. "I've been hearing a variety of opinions," replied Sakurai, "but they're more favorable than expected. However, I do feel the height of the threshold for the TPS genre, so I believe we'll have to come up with some ideas for this."

Asked for some specifics on what he's considering, he said, "There were many opinions that aiming is difficult. We're thinking of adding an assist feature for the final version. Also there have been some opinions that it's difficult to move and aim at the same time."

Regarding the use of 3D, Sakurai said "There are people who don't like 3D, so we wont be putting in any devices that can only be cleared in 3D."

Closing off the mini interview, Dengeki asked Sakurai to name the games that caught his eye at the event. He responded with two vastly different games. "Resident Evil Revelations. Also, Super Monkey Ball maintains 60 frames per second, so it's extremely smooth."

The Nintendo Conference 2010 event marked the game's playable debut following a video-only showing at E3. According to Dengeki's brief play test, the game offered play on stage 1 (easy) and stage 4 (hard). Players were able to select from three weapons.

The Dengeki writer selected the first stage. The first half was set in the air, with the second half taking the player down to the ground.

While in the air, the Dengeki writer found Pit's charge shot to be particularly powerful, and also felt the impact of the enemy bullets flying from within the screen out to right in front of the player. As Sakurai suggested, when on the ground, where the gameplay switches to third person shooter style, the Dengeki writer found simultaneous movement and aiming of Pit's view to be difficult.

The Dengeki writer got to the boss, but was so damaged that he decided to fight from afar, using his charge shot. He was able to win in the end. However, it looks like he would have preferred using close attacks, as he found the tempo for the game's close combat system to be very good, commenting that you can easily kill off enemies in succession while advancing.

Regarding the controls, the game uses the analogue pad for moving Pit around. You can also pull back on the analogue pad to make Pit evade attacks. You aim via the touch screen, and shoot with L. Close range attacks are also performed via L. The charge shot is automatically built up when you're not firing. You can tell when you've charged up because the pointer grows larger.

4gamer also delivered impressions. They noted that during play of the first stage, the mid-battle conversation between Pit and the Goddess Palthena is in full voice.

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