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Nintendo Expects 3DS Game Prices To Be in Line with DS Games

CEO Satoru Iwata discusses prices and costs at recent investors Q&A.

In Japan, most DS software runs ¥5,040. Square Enix RPGs will often go up to ¥5,980. Pictured: Nintendogs + Cats for 3DS.

Nintendo and its third parties shared names and details for a number of 3DS games at the Nintendo Conference 2010 press briefing earlier this week, but not a single game was listed with a price. So how much will we have to pay for these newfangled 3D games?

CEO Satoru Iwata addressed this issue during a Q&A session at a recent investors briefing. Said Iwata, "We don't believe that the world is in a state where high priced software will sell well, so we don't believe it will be in a price range too far off from current DS software."

This comes despite Iwata's expectations that 3DS software could span a whole range of development budgets, from the same cost as current DS games to extremely rich software that costs far greater than DS games. Nintendo does believe that because of this "dynamic range" of software development budgets, there could be some variance in software costs.

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