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Iwata Mum On Console Connectivity for 3DS

CEO believes such connectivity could become a topic for the future.

Fun from just taking your 3DS with you is one of Nintendo's main concepts for the system. But what does this have to do with console connectivity?

DS has limited connectivity with the Wii, with some games even giving players the option of using the DS system as a controller. Could we see something similar from the 3DS?

During the Q&A portion of a recent investors briefing, Nintendo CEO Satoru Iwata was asked about current plans for connectivity between the 3DS and home consoles.

Iwata didn't have much to say on this issue. "We believe that, naturally, instant communication between the 3DS and a console in your home will become one topic in the future, but today I cannot talk about specifics regarding the kinds of things you can do in terms of connectivity between a 3DS and console."

He provided a strong hint that there will be some sort of console to portable connectivity, though, saying that because Nintendo is always eagerly pursuing the idea of fun arising from always carrying your game system with you, "We'll surely be thinking about connectivity with consoles as well."

The concept of "fun arising from always carrying your game system with you" was one of Nintendo's main themes when pushing the 3DS at the Nintendo Conference press event earlier this week. It's embodied in the system's StreetPass and SpotPass network services, where content is downloaded to your system even while it's in sleep mode.

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