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Virtual On Force Includes Border Break Mech Paint Code

Unlock a rare color in Sega's arcade-only mech game.

Border Break has reached version 2.0 in Air Burst, but still remains an arcade-only title.

Sega is pairing Virtual On with its more recent mech title, Border Break Air Burst. The company announced today a first run bonus item for Xbox 360's Virtual On Force. Buyers of either the standard or collectors versions of Force will receive a product code which can be used to unlock an original mech paint code in Air Burst.

The paint code will give you a rare color which can't be obtained elsewhere. To actually use it, you'll need to be a member of BorderBreak.NET, a paid monthly service designed to support Border Break players.

Sega didn't share any images of the bonus color, but it did provide some shots of both Border Break Air Burst and Virtual On Force. View below.

Border Break Air Burst

Virtual On Force

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