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Gundam Browser Wars Hits Yahoo Mobage

Cursed to writing about browser games until Shenmue City shows itself.


Yesterday, I made a big boo boo and wrote that the new Shenmue game, Shenmue City or Shenmue Town or whatever you want to call it, is a cell phone game. In actuality, it's a social browser game for Yahoo and DeNA's new PC-based Yahoo! Mobage service.

As punishment for this mistake, I have been cursed to write about all the new Yahoo! Mobage games until Sega shares first screens and details for Shenmue. So, here's a look at Gundam Browser Wars.

Namco Bandai opened a teaser site today for this new take on the Gundam franchise, which is scheduled to see a beta test on Yahoo! Mobage later this month.

Gundam Browser Wars is a social game featuring simple controls. You play as a Mobile Suit pilot in either the Federation or Zeon forces, and face off against the enemy while building up your Mobile Suit and conversing with allied pilots.

You'll find over 200 Mobile Suits. By collecting blueprints, you can develop new mechs, which can also be strengthened by making use of items that you've found. Namco Bandai promises added Mobile Suit variation via updates to the game.

You can find specifications for playing the game at the official site faq page.

As with other Yahoo! Mobage games, Gundam Browser Wars will be free to play, with Namco Bandai planning to sell items at an in-game shop. To purchase these items, you'll need to make use of Moba Coins, the Yahoo! Mobage currency.

Namco Bandai also said today that it plans on bringing Gundam Browser Wars to a variety of other platforms.

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