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Tales of Graces F Gets a Limited Edition

What will Richard say in his letter to Asbel?


Tales of Graces F is getting a very special limited edition that collectors won't be able to resist.

Namco Bandai's "LaLaBit Market" e-Commerce site will be holding exclusive sales for the "King Windol Letter Package." This includes the following:

  • Tales of Graces F
  • "Memorial Book" box
  • Asbel Lhant feather pen (an actual ballpoint pen)
  • Asbel Lhant feather pen stand
  • Windol Kingdom official letter head (15 sheets)
  • Windol Kingdom official envelopes (5)
  • Envelope sticker seals with Windol Kingdom seal (6)
  • Letter from Richard to Asbel
  • Kuro Sophie Bookmark

All this can be yours for ¥13,800.

The bundle will also include the standard pre-order bonus items: a DVD, download costume codes and a custom theme code.

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