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The 3rd Birthday and Final Fantasy XIII Promotional Boxes

This is how Square Enix gets people to reserve its games.


Walk into your local Yamada Denki or Yodobashi Camera, and you might see these lining the shelves on the video game floor:

These packages are placed in shops to get people to pre-order. The artwork may or may not be final (in this case, the art for The 3rd Birthday probably isn't).

The back of the box for The 3rd Birthday says "Parasite Eve's main character appears as a reborn Aya Brea. She's lost the memories of her past. Can she save humanity from despair?"

Under the features area, the package lists the following:

Major scenes use movies that make use of the highest technology.
Full voice for the drama scenes.
As you progress through the story, you'll occasionally have missions. Follow orders from division, defeat the target enemy, and you'll be able to progress with the story.
Protective Wear
Before heading out on a mission, you can change your costume/armor. There are a variety of costumes.

The Final Fantasy XIII Ultimate Hits International package mentions the inclusion of the new "Easy Mode" along with all the known details on the first run bonus item.

Strangely, the package doesn't mention that the game is in English. I imagine some people would appreciate knowing this in advance.

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