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Dream Club Portable Pre-order Bonuses Include Dream Club Zero Gift Card

Pillowcases too, of course.


Dream Club Portable is the next Dream Club game, arriving on 10/28, a couple of months ahead of Dream Club Zero, so D3 Publisher is talking about its retailer pre-order bonuses first.

Although, you wouldn't know it if you saw this:

That Rakuten Point Gift Card is one of the pre-order bonuses. It says Dream Club Zero on it. It has Setsu in that little "attitude" pose of hers from the Zero box (only there are other other hostesses walking on her arms for some reason). But this is a Dream Club Portable bonus item.

In addition to the Setsu gift card, which will be included for those who pre-order from the D3 Publisher web shop, you'll find the following bonuses:

There's the "Yes Only" pillow cover at Gamers. You'll be able to turn your pillow around depending on which pair of girls you're in the mood for that day. Gamers will also be including a telephone card.

Geo will give you a clear file. One side has pictures of the girls during their after hours dates with you.

Now for the lamest pre-order bonus. And I don't mean lamest among these -- it's the lamest bonus ever! Game Arc and Takarajima will include a set of 10 hostess business cards. They have actual e-mail addresses, which may or may not work, but still... business cards! I'll take my pillow case, thank you!

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