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Here's the Exact Time for Your Next Mega Man Legends Update

New info coming from New York late, late Sunday night.


We knew the next update on Mega Man Legends 3 would be coming at New York's Comic Con event this weekend. Now the game's official blog has provided an exact time.

Art director Yuji Ishihara updated the blog today with notice that the site's Comic Con update will come on Sunday at 26:30. That's early Monday morning at 2:30, or if you're on New York time, just past noon on Sunday.

The site's update will presumably include all the content that's announced at Comic Con. It's not entirely clear what that content will be, though, as Ishihara also wrote in the post that he expects the game's visuals to not be shown for a bit longer.

Teased Ishihara, "We're maintaining the important points like the bright and light atmosphere of the series, aiming for quality that matches the current era, and fighting with the new 3DS hardware and the schedule. We probably won't be able to show the visuals for a bit, but we're working to meet expectations!"

The one piece of Legends 3 artwork, released last week at the Nintendo Conference event.

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