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Sony Offering Paid Strategy Guides on PSN

New PlayView book service kicks off tomorrow with Monster Hunter strategy guide.

A new type of strategy guide thanks to the PlayView service. While the service supports both PS3 and PSP, the digital Monster Hunter guide, shown above, is PS3 exclusive.

Sony Computer Entertainment Japan announced today a new digital book service for PlayStation Store. The new PlayView for Games service will deliver multimedia-enhanced digital copies of books to be viewed on PlayStation 3 and PSP.

The PlayView for Games service makes use of a viewing technology called "PlayView" which allows high resolution content to be displayed smoothly, complete with zooming, search and other convenient tools. The viewing software also supports multimedia extensions, allowing for videos, music and web content to be embedded within pages.

The first offering for the service will be a Capcom published strategy guide called Monster Hunter Portable 2nd G Monster Data Chishikisho. This was originally released in print form in July 2008 and is currently listed at Amazon for ¥450. The digital version, set for release tomorrow (10/14) exclusively for PlayStation 3, will run ¥600, but has been updated to include music and videos within the body of the articles, along with search and page jump features.

Outside of strategy guides, the service will also offer fan books, art books and other game-related content.

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