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Level-5's Little Battler Experience Hits in March

Long awaited PSP RPG now has a final release date. Get up to date on the main cast.


Level-5 updated the official site for Danbal Senki (known, unofficially it seems, in English as Little Battler Experience) with a final release date. After a couple of years wait, the PSP title is due for final release on March 17, 2011.

As previously announced, a mobile version is also on the way. This is scheduled for 2010 release.

Also at the site is a new section providing a bit of background about the game.

Danbal Senki takes place in the year 2050. Main character Ban Yamano loves playing with his LBX robots more than anything. One day, as he plays with his LBX in secret from his parents, he's visited by a mysterious lady. She gives him a case, saying "Within this case lies the hope and despair of humanity." She also warns him about not misusing the item found within.

That item is a special LBX robot, the AX-00. LBX (short for Little Battler eXperience) are little battle robots that are made by a company called Tiny Orbit. Because they were too powerful, they were pulled from retail. However, with the development of special cardboard boxes (the "Danbol" of the Japanese title), the LBX were re-released and ended up causing a boom amongst kids.

The special cardboard boxes are "futuristic boxes" which absorb 80% of external shock. They were originally created to aid in exporting, but are now used by kids for staging LBX battles. The boxes are stored in the form of a small palm-sized item called a "D-Cube." By pressing the button at the top of the D-Cube, the boxes can expand to a mini battle field of varied terrain.

To control their LBX robots, kids make use of a device known as CCM, or Control & Communication Manipulator. This remote control can be used to give commands to an LBX and to also check up on an LBX's damage points, remaining battery, and other information.

Ban's CCM. Similar to cell phones, the CCMs all have different designs.

The site's character section has a look at some principal cast members. Click the names to open up the official site profile page.

Ban Yamano

The game's 13-year-old main character. He's energetic and cheerful and loves mecha and play models. His LBX is Achilles, a customized version of the AX-00 LBX that he received from the mysterious lady.

Ami Kawamura

A 13-year-old girl, and a top student in Ban's class. She's an LBX freak and knows even more about the subject than Ban. She'll teach Ban a lot about the LBX robots. Her LBX is Kunoichi.

Kazuya Aojima

A 14-year-old who goes by the short name Kaz. He looks somewhat like a delinquent, but he's actually a good guy. He's particularly knowledgeable about computer chips and will help Ban in the technology front. His LBX is Hunter.

Mysterious Lady

The lady who gives Ban the case with his LBX. Is she an enemy or friend? It appears that she's being chased by someone.

Mysterious Man

A manager at a company that's pursuing the mysterious lady. Based off his clothing, he appears to be a military officer.


A mysterious trio who are chasing after the case the mysterious lady gives Ban. They have their own LBX, "Deku," and will challenge Ban.


He seems to know the contents of the case Ban receives. Is he really just a coffee shop owner?

Little Battler Experience saw its playable debut at the Tokyo Game Show and will presumably get some time at next week's Level-5 Vision press conference. In the past, Level-5 has said that it intends to make this into its next media mix project to follow Inazuma Eleven. It has already announced that an anime and toy line are on the way.

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