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Last Story Has the "Magic Circle" System

A few details about how the Wii RPG handles magic.


We haven't heard too much about The Last Story's magic system. This week's Jump has just a few preliminary details on how the game handles this particular area of battle.

When you cast magic, a circle appears on the ground at the magic's point of impact. This circle is called the Magic Circle and can be used in various ways to your advantage. Jump lists two methods of use.

Main character Elza has a wind-based spell which can be used to make the Magic Circle spread out and strike enemies. Depending on the elemental properties of the circle's magic, this will cause different effects on the enemy. The magazine shows enemies "slip" and fall over as they're struck by the advancing wave caused when Elza uses the wind spell on a circle formed from an ice spell.

You can also use the Magic Circle to infuse your weapons with elemental properties. If someone enters a circle, his weapons will temporarily gain the elemental properties of the magic that caused the circle.

While magic can be used as a powerful attack technique, we've previously seen some of ifts disadvantages. It takes time for magic to be cast, leaving the caster open to enemy attack. One of the first gameplay systems announced for The Last Story was the "Gathering" system, through which Elza can turn enemy attention towards him, giving the caster time to charge up the spell.

With this Jump reveal out of the way, we'll hopefully get specifics on the Magic Circle system some time this week.


17:10 -- A previous version of this story mistranslated "slip" as "sleep" with regards to the effect of using Elza's wind spell on an ice-based Magic Circle.

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