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Professor Layton Crossing With Ace Attorney

Level-5 and Capcom team for an unexpected crossover. First images and details.


The final title announced at today's Level-5 Vision press conference was the event's biggest surprise. Level-5 and Capcom have teamed up for a crossover between Professor Layton (Layton Kyouju in Japanese) and Ace Attorney (Gyakuten Saiban).

The new 3DS title is titled "Layton Kyouju vs Gyakuten Saiban." An official English name hasn't been announced, but just as a placeholder, one could refer to the project as "Professor Layton vs Ace Attorney."

What are Layton and Phoenix Wright pointing at?

Ace Attorney designer Shu Takumi made an appearance at Level-5 Vision to announce the project alongside Level-5 CEO Akihiro Hino. Takumi is heading up scenario work on the new game.

Official materials released by Level-5 promise a game that that puts players up against puzzles with contradictions. The "puzzle" and "contradiction" theme are recognizable as, respectively, key words from Layton and Ace Attorney.

The game's story has Professor Hershel Layton and Phoenix Wright (Ryuichi Naruhodo in the Japanese version) finding themselves in a different world. They come to the medieval city of Labyrinth City, where reality and illusions are intertwined. This strange town is also home to witches, who hide in the shadows, and is a place where magic is real. It has also been home to a number of impossible occurrences of late.

The city is controlled by a villain named Story Teller. The story he writes with his pen becomes reality as the future of the world.

Layton will find himself faced with all new puzzles. As for Phoenix Wright, the person who seeks his help this time has been accused of witch craft.

The trial that takes place in this world is "Majo Saiban," or "Witch Trial."

The term "Witch Trial" will be familiar to those who've been paying attention to Capcom's recent Ace Attorney developments. Capcom recently hinted at an upcoming game announcement at the Ace Attorney portal. An image for the game showed a book with the word "Witch Trial." It looks like the identity of the mystery game has been revealed.

Level-5 opened a teaser site for the game today. The site will get some actual content tomorrow (10/20).

Professor Layton vs Ace Attorney is currently date TBA. Level-5 will be publishing the game.


10/20 00:46 -- A previous version of this story referred to the Japanese name for Ace Attorney as "Gyakuten Kenji." Gyakuten Kenji is actually the name for the spinoff series that's known in English as Ace Attorney Investigations. (Thanks for the heads up, Anthony!)

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