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Level-5's Mystery Room Resurfaces With Music From Yuzo Koshiro

Third game in Atamania casual series now set for Spring. Level-5 introduces the new "film edit" system.


Level-5's presentation on Mystery Room at yesterday's Level-5 Vision might have been pretty uninteresting had CEO Akihrio Hino not dropped the name "Yuzo Koshiro" midway through.

The legendary game music composer, known for his work on Streets of Rage and Ys, is working on the game's music, Hino revealed at the event. No further details were provided.

Mystery Room was first announced for DS at last year's Level-5 Vision as the first all original entry in the company's casual "Atamania" brand (which also contains "Sloane and MacHale" and "Atama no Taisou"). Produced by Akihiro Hino and directed by Tatsuya Shinkai, the game was due for release some time in 2010. It disappeared from Level-5's Tokyo Game Show 2010 lineup at the last minute, prompting some concern over its fate.

As detailed last year, Mystery Room follows the adventures of Poccho and Sly, two genius detectives who work at the Brewster Detective Agency. They're stationed in the Final Investigation Room, also known as the "Mystery Room." Here, they solve crimes based of information that has been gathered by other detectives.

As the player, you get to select the crime you'd like to investigate. After hearing a report on the crime from Poccho and Sly, you can examine materials related to the crime for yourself. The entire game is set in the Mystery Room.

Poccho (left) and Sly (right)
The Mystery Room

In addition to the Yuzo Koshiro musical tie-up, Level-5 introduced the game's "Film Edit" system, where you edit a recreation of the crime scene.

An example of this system is shown in the following three screenshots:

To the left, the text describes how Will was sitting on his sofa and watching TV at around 19:00. At that time, "someone" quietly entered the room. You have to select the icon for the "someone."

In the middle, the text says that the "someone" who quietly entered took "something" in his hand then slowly approached Will who was so absorbed with the TV that he didn't notice. You have to select the "something."

To the right, the text is mostly the same as the middle shot, but the "someone" in the text has changed to "Paul." The scene gets edited with Paul appearing in the image.

Your chance at using the film edit system for detecitve work will come in Spring 2011, Mystery Room's new release time period.

Level-5 is scheduled to give the game's official site an update some time today.

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