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First Look: Aya Brea's Torn Stockings

The latest costume, character and combat details for The 3rd Birthday.


Famitsu got the first word today on Aya's new "suit" outfit along with some of the latest gameplay and character details for Aya's game, The 3rd Birthday. As usual, Famitsu.com delivered a version of the report with most of the info and screens.

Like Aya's other outfits, the suit outfit will tear up as Aya incurs damage. But different from the other outfits that have been revealed so far, this one already starts off with quite a bit showing. Don't expect to actually see this suit in the office (and if you do see it, call the cops!)

Unfortunately, Famitsu.com didn't post the artwork from the Famitsu article showing the full view of the suit. Instead, the site posted in-game shots:

Notice how Aya's legs appear to be striped? That's because her stockings have torn. When the suit outfit incurs damage, the first thing to go are the stockings. Famitsu writes "If she incurs further damage, next is...." What will come off next?

Joining the costume, Famitsu confirms something that Jump revealed a few weeks back. Aya will change the way she talks to suit the current costume.

The site also introduces a number of other areas for the game, including the facilities of CTI headquarters, some advanced techniques for dealing with the Twisted, and a couple of characters.

CTI has at least three facilities that you'll need to access during the game:

Overdive Room:
Select and head out on missions and get advice from head of operations Hyde.
You can try out newly obtained weapons here.
Locker Room
Change Aya's clothes here.

On the gameplay side of things, the site introduces some new weapons.

Satellite Cannon
This fires a powerful blast from an satellite that's up in orbit. You set its target by positioning a targeting device. Famitsu says that the Satellite Cannon has unlimited shots, although it takes some time to charge.
Sniper Rifle
This comes with a scope which allows for zooming to double magnification. Famitsu suggests using the precise aim to help other soldiers who are engaged in battle.

Three new Twisted types are included in Famitsu's screnes:

This has long crablike legs, but can also float. It's normally translucent and sends out an item called a "Detector" to find pray. Once the Detector finds a foe, the Rover solidifies and attacks.
Snatch is a spider-like creature that attacks while clinging to walls and ceilings. It releases black clumps that explode when you get to close, sending blades off in all directions.
All newly discovered Twisted are referred to initially as "Unknown," and are only given names after the fight. In her fight with the flying Unknown Twisted shown in Famitsu's screens, Aya will need to dive into a soldier who's controlling a tank and make use of the tank's powerful cannon. The tank isn't invincible, though. You'll need to keep its life meter from reaching zero.

Finally, some new character details. You'll recognize one character from a previous trailer, and one from a previous game.

The guy shown here is Kyle Madigan, a former government agent who previously appeared in Parasite Eve 2 as Aya and Eve's body guard. Like Eve, his whereabouts are currently unknown.

The girl speaking to Aya is Gabrielle, who we saw in past trailers lending her body to Aya for an Overdive operation. She's a special investigator with CTI's Overdive Division. She's particularly skilled as a sniper, and trains Aya in this area.

Closing off this latest look at The 3rd Birthday, here's a bonus screenshot of Aya being grabbed by a tentacle monster.

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