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Dissidia 012 Final Fantasy: All the Latest Gameplay Systems

Tifa, new costumes, and new Assist system features, now with screenshots.


For those without access to Jump or Weekly Famitsu, Famitsu.com has posted screens of all the latest gameplay and character reveals for Dissidia Duodecim Final Fantasy. See the Famitsu.com story for the screens.

Here's what you're looking at:


This is technically the first official online reveal for Tifa. In the screenshots, she's shown thanking Cloud who'd come to her rescue. Due to the effects of being summoned from a different world, the two have lost their memories and don't remember one-another.

As one would expect given her character setting from Final Fantasy VII, Tifa is adept at punches and kicks. Her EX Burst is Final Heaven.


The first Dissidia gave characters "Another Form" costumes in addition to their standard outfits. Duodecim adds "Third Forms" for all existing characters. Cloud, Lighting and some others will also have a fourth outfit accessible via download.

Tifa's "Another Form" is her Advent Children outfit. Cloud's "Third Form" shows the white boots from Yoshitaka Amano's illustration. You can also see a small bag on his back. Sephiroth's Third Form replciates Tetsuya Nomura's illustration. It looks like his standard costume, but there are a few design differences.

Cecil's Third Form is from the DS version of Final Fantasy IV. Golbez's is from Final Fantasy IV The After.


The Assist system is new for Duodecim. As previously detailed, you can deplete your Assist Gauge to summon a partner character onto the battle field. This character will help you out by either attacking your foe or defending you from incoming attack.

The latest reveals for the Assist system are "Assist Lock" and "Assist Charge." Assist Lock is what happens when you successfully strike an assist character. The character disappears and your opponent's assist gauge is temporarily locked.

In the Famitsu screens, we see Garland summoned as an assist character by The Emperor. Lightning changes her target to Garland and strikes him with her sword, sending him out of the battle field and locking The Emperor's assist gauge.

Famitsu.com left out screens of the Assist Charge system. This fills up your assist gauge when you counter an incoming attack while your HP is low or just ahead of a break.

See the Famitsu.com story for additional screens.

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