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New Taiko Drum Master Wii Supports Four Players

Perform with three friends, and challenge mini games.


The Taiko Drum Master series is making its third appearance on Wii with December's Taiko Drum Master Wii: Everyone Party. But Namco Bandai isn't just sticking in new song and calling it a day. The new game has a bunch of new features. Namco Bandai shared screens and details today.

The big new feature is four player support. Taiko Drum Master is now a party game, allowing four players to team up for performances.

The game will also have seven party games that are playable by four players. These are accessible from an area of the game world called "Dream Taiko Land."

Namco Bandai provided a look at three of these games today:

Wani Wani Panic: See how many alligators you can take out.

Pirate Don-chan and the Secret Treasure: Cooperate with others to recover a treasure from the bottom of the sea while fending off a giant squid.

Haunted House: Set in a haunted house, you try to survive until the end of the performance.

Outside of the party features, the new game has the kind of things you'd expect from a new entry in the series. Of course, you'll find new songs. The game has a total of 70 songs. This includes offerings from games like God Eater, Idol Master SP, Pokemon Diamond & Pearl, and Monster Hunter.

See if you can recognize some of the character cameos:

Taiko Drum Master Wii Everyone's Party hits on December 2. Namco Bandai will sell the game on its own and bundled with a taiko controller.

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