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Catherine: Secret Pizza Polygon Model Revealed

There's a secret about that pizza advertisement, and it's not the sauce!


Remember this early promotional image from Catherine?

Pretty sweet looking hand drawn art from character designer Shigenori Soejima.

Or is it?

Here's the truth behind the image:

It turns out that Soejima created the promo image, which was used for a Famitsu advertisement at the game's announcement, by using Catherine's in-game model as a base.

No, I didn't infiltrate the top secret development lab of Team Persona to get the image. Actually, director Katsura Hashino provided a peak at the Catherine blog today.

He also provided a brief development update, saying things are going well. He assured fans that the recent changes at Atlus (they were absorbed by their parent, Index Holdings) haven't resulted in any changes to the game's development.

Hashino noted that the Persona team, and Atlus as a whole, is seeking new staff. Regarding the Persona team in particular, he wrote, "The mood is that we'd like to make the development team grow steadily, allowing people to enjoy even more games. It would be nice if we could announce a variety of things for our team titles next year."

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