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First Look: Trouble Witches Neo!

SNK Playmore formally announces its next Xbox Live Arcade title and shares a trailer.


Details may have leaked out in advance yesterday, but SNK Playmore made formal announcement today of an Xbox Live Arcade version of Trouble Witches. The new version, Trouble Witches Neo, is due for Winter release at 800 Microsoft Points.

Trouble Witches originates as a 2007 PC indies game. A side scrolling shooter, players make use of "Magic Circles" to turn enemy bullets into gold, which can be used to purchase special attacks, known as Magic Cards, from a shop that is accessible during the stage.

An arcade release followed in 2009 running on Taito's Type X2 hardware. The 360 version is based off that version, but offers updated visuals, a new character, game balance adjustments, a challenge mode featuring boss attack and score attack challenges, worldwide online cooperative play, and world leader boards. Purists will also find an arcade mode that replicates the 2009 arcade release.

The new character is Kujou Sakurako. Her dream is to become a "magic girl." She's positive and energetic and has a winning spirit.

SNK Playmore provided a first trailer for the game. View it here:

To kick off promotions for the game, SNK Playmore opened a campaign website containing a Flash game called "Magic Circle Shooting." SNK Playmore wants players to play the game and Tweet their score.

From the web game.
From the web game.

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