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Project Diva Has ¥2,000 (worth of?) Idolmaster Download Content

What happens when two music-themed games collaborate? Fans pay the price!


Sega shared specifics today on the long awaited collaboration between Idolmaster SP and Hatsune Project Diva 2nd. The collaboration will take the form of three pieces of download content for Project Diva. One is free, the other two not so much.

The free content is the "Idolmaster Collaboration Commemorative Poster." This poster, which makes use of an illustration from Hiro Tamura, can be placed in your Diva room (this is all in-game, of course -- although if you do have a real diva room, thumbs up).

The paid content includes two "Collaboration Sets", each priced ¥1,000.

Collaboration Set 1 includes the song "Go My Way!!," a Haruka module for Miku, a 765 Productions room theme, a room item poster, and a Nendoroid room item.

Collaboration Set 2 includes "Relations," Ami & Mami and Chihaya models for, respectively, Kagamine Rin and Len models for, and a couple of room item posters.

This will all be available on October 28.

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