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Bathe With Your Felynes in Monster Hunter Portable 3rd

Capcom lets you get closer than ever to your hunting companions.


With the ability to bring two out to the battle field as companion hunters, Felynes play a bigger role than ever in Monster Hunter Portable 3rd.

You'll also be able to get closer than ever to them by making a trip to Yukumo Village's bathhouse area. There, your Felyne companions join you for a dip in the hot springs. You'll be able to enjoy drinks and play with monster toys.

The Felynes are there just for show, but the bathing is actually part of the gameplay. When you take a bath, you'll raise your character's energy and stamina. Capcom suggests taking a bath once per quest.

You can increase the water's potency by collecting items through special "Bath Quests." These are taken on by speaking with the bathhouse master, himself a Felyne. If you clear the quests he assigns (these appear to be just like other quests) he'll upgrade your water.

You'll also find special drinks in the bathhouse area which, once consumed, will unleash Drink Skills. To make these drinks, you'll need to take on drink quests from the drink salesperson, also a Felyne.

The bathhouse area is the main attraction at the mountain-based Yukumo Village, which serves as your main base of operations. Inside, you'll find a counter where you can take on multiplayer quests.

The counter is run by Konoha and Sasayu. They handle different quest levels. Konoha will give out lower level quests. Higher level quests are given out by Sasayu.

Near the counter, you'll find some useful facilities:

Quest Board
You can join other players' quests by consulting this board.
Hunters Store
To equip yourself with items needed for the hunt, visit the Yukumo Branch of the Hunters Store.
Small Item Box
Located at the exit of the bathhouse, you can store and retrieve items and materials from this box. For equipment changes, you'll need to use the item box at your home.

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