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Malicious Has No Power Gauges

Alvion shows damage in a unique way: by making your body disappear.

Malicious hits next week. You can walk on walls.

In upcoming download-only PlayStation 3 action game Malicious, you're able to select from male or female main characters. The choice doesn't matter too much because they play the exact same.

Developer laziness? Nope... this is actually part of the game's story setting. The character you're controlling is actually a spirit which has taken up solid form as the human character you see on screen.

The story setting works into the game's damage system. Your character does not have a power gauge. Instead, as you incur damage, the character will slowly disappear. The game ends when you lose everything up to your torso.

Alvion was good enough to illustrate this with the female protagonist:

If you like playing with limbs, you can make use of the game's Aura system to recover. As previously detailed, as you defeat enemies, particularly through chain attacks, you'll collect Aura. This can be used to power up your character up to three levels. You can also exchange the Aura to recover. This will make your essential parts reappear -- although your clothes will not recover.

Fighting without legs and arms may seem a bit tough, but in Malicious the thing doing all the hard work is actually your cape. The cape transforms to fists, a spear, a shield, a sword, and even wings. It will even transform in mid combo, which should make for some impressive battle scenes.

The cape can also be used when you need a break, it seems:

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