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This Week's Flying Get

Inspired by 1990s CG Aya Brea, all your weekly magazine leaks. Featuring Venus and Braves remake and first Dynasty Warriors 7 details!


Welcome to this week's issue of Weekly Flying Get, the column that takes a look at all the weekly magazine leaks, from a male point of view.

This week's column is inspired by classic SquareSoft CG:

Late 90s "it's rendered" Aya Brea is coming to a PSP and PS3 near you early next month as Parasite Eve and Parasite Eve 2 hit PSN. Further details here.

As always, the stuff you read in Weekly Flying Get has, in general, not been verified. For totally 100% guaranteed verified reports, check the main channel later in the day and week.

This column will be updated throughout the next couple of days, so be sure and check back!

ADDED 10/27 14:14

Here's What's Changed For Persona

Famitsu has first details on the PSP version of 1999 PlayStation classic Persona 2 Innocent Sin this week. Here are a few details on what's changed for the PSP, as summarized at Game Jouhou:

  • Your party status and a mini map will be shown on screen when you move about the fields.
  • Because of the switch to wide screen, the effects used for skills will have more impact.
  • The battle menu layout has been changed to become easier to control.
  • You can see the order of party member movements, making it easier to do group skills.
  • The game will support data install.
  • Demon feelings will be indicated on screen, making negotiations go smoother.

The magazine also has an interview with director Shouji Meguro. Here's a bit of what he said:

  • Character designer Shigenori Soejima has created new full body illustrations for the game.
  • The battle system is based off that of Eternal Punishment, the followup that was released one year later.
  • The game's difficulty and balance are being adjusted to match the current times.
  • You can select synthesis skills from the top menu.
  • They originally wanted to do a simultaneous remake of Eternal Punishment, but putting the two on a single UMD would have been impossible. They currently have no plans for a remake of EP, but they would definitely like to do it.
  • The game will have 100 arranged songs. You'll be able to select original or arranged versions from the config menu.
  • The game will include a soundtrack CD as a bonus.

Development is currently at 90%. A release is set for this Winter.

New Xbox 360 Dates

Famitsu reveals a couple of dates for upcoming Xbox 360 titles. Alchemist's Gal Gun, widely panned at Tokyo Game Show for playing as terrible as it looks, is set for January 17, priced ¥7,140. 5pb.'s original Xbox 360 bullet hell shooter Bullet Soul is due on April 7, priced ¥7,350.

Famitsu Gives More 10s to the Yoge

Yoge is what the Japanese call foreign games. It's a kanji thing.

This week, one game got a 10 in Famitsu, and it's a yoge. The magazine's reviewers gave both the PS3 and Xbox 360 versions of Fallout: New Vegas a 10, 9, 9, and 9.

Also reviewed this week were Fable III (X360), scoring a 9, 9, 8, and 9, and Radiant Historia (DS), scoring a 9, 8, 8 and 9.

ADDED 10/27 12:11

Craft & Meister Making a PS Move Game

Crafts & Meister is the studio formed by Capcom's Noritaka Funamizu back in 2004. They're working on Earth Seeker for Wii, but that's not all! For Funamizu's comments with Famitsu regarding PlayStation Move and 3DS, see this story.

First Way of the Samurai 4 Details

First details on Way of the Samurai 4 have surfaced from Famitsu. This PlayStation 3 entry in the series is due for Winter release. Expectedly, the game's developer is Acquire and its publisher is Spike.

You'll be able to select between characters in three different age groups: youth, adolescent and adult.

The game is set in a harbor area where three groups vie for control: Hikaru Kotobuki representing the government, Reddo Akagi representing the isolationists, and Jet Jenkins representing the foreigners.

Event scenes are being made more interactive. You'll be able to make selections during event scenes. The magazine shows an example of heading out to explore a cave with Kotobuki. You can select to go with him, go home, kick him (???) or speak to him. The event will progress differently depending on your action. If you select to go home, the event will end there. I'm not sure what happens if you kick him.

The game's story is said to be longer than past Way of the Samurai games. You can view a storyline flowchart, which will show hints.

On the combat side of things, the game promises to retain the good points of past Way of the Samurai games while delivering a more refreshing sword fighting experience that resembles a samurai period drama. The game's combat will be a middle ground between 2 and 3 in terms of the high paced hack and slash combat and a slower, more tactical experience.

Downloadable chicken outfits, or I'm not buying it, Spike!

ADDED 10/27 10:55

Tales of Graces F Has a Ridiculous Toro Costume

There have been some ridiculous collaboration costumes out there, but you ain't seen nothing until you've seen the ridiculous Toro costume for Tales of Graces F. Pascal will be able to sport a cat suit with a giant Toro head. And boy do I mean giant -- it looks like Pascal could easily crawl up in the body of the head! Jump (that's where this leak comes from) has some battle screenshots of Pascal fighting in the Toro outfit, and you have to look really close to make sure that it's not actually Toro.

The game will also have the Hatsune Miku costume that appeared in the Wii version.

ADDED 10/27 9:02

First Persona 2 Details

A couple of details have leaked out on the PSP remake of 1999 PlayStation title Persona 2 Sin. The game will will have a new opening movie from Satellite, the studio that worked on Macross F. Additionally, the PSP version will include the original's opening movie and music.

Expect more details to surface throughout the day.

New Persona, Way of the Samurai and Wizardry

First details from this week's Famitsu have leaked out. The magazine has exclusive reports this week on Persona 2 Tsumi (Sin) for PSP (remake of the PlayStation game, presumably), Way of the Samurai 4 for PlayStation 3, and Wizardry: City of the Captive Spirits for PS3. For the Xbox 360, G.rev is readying shooting game Seisou Kouki Strania.

The magazine also has a look at the PSP version of Venus & Braves, which leaked out of Dengeki yesterday.

ADDED 10/27 05:10

Matsuno Interviewed About Tactics Ogre

Dengeki has the first part of a two part interview with Tactics Ogre designer Yasumi Matsuno this week. Here's a bit of what Matsuno said, as summed up at this blog.

Matsuno originally didn't want to work on a Tactics Ogre remake. There was talk long ago about doing a remake, but when approached by director Yasushi Minagawa about the remake, Matsuno refused. The reason he didn't want to work on a remake was because he didn't think it would be possible to please everyone.

The PSP version of Tactics Ogre hits in two weeks.

The new "Wheel of Fortune Chariot" system, through which you can redo battle, comes from Minagawa's desire to include an "undo" feature as a means of allowing beginners to learn how to play the game. They paired this up with the story redo functionality, "Wheel of Fortune World," which they felt matched well with the game's character growth system.

Matsuno had great praise for the work of Basiscape on the game's music. Once you've progressed far enough in the game, you'll unlock a music listening mode. I'm not too sure about this, but it seems like you may be able to see commentary from the music staff as well.

Outside of the interview, the magazine introduced two classes this week. The Sword Master class is good with wielding dual swords. The Dragoon class can apparently use skills to face off against beasts and dragons. More intriguingly, the person who wrote the summary of the Dengeki article says that while the male version of the Dragoon class looks like what one would expect, the female version is extremely hard to describe. Square Enix will hopefully share screens later this week -- they seem to be pretty good about the Tactics Ogre online media.

TDB, one of the magazine's editors, was able to play a final build of the game. He said that while the game looks different from the original and has different systems, it still feels like Tactics Ogre. He played 35 hours and got to climax of the fourth chapter.

See the blog post for a whole lot more from the play impressions and interview.

A few more Venus and Brave Details

Are you wondering why we haven't heard lots and lots of details on the PSP version of Venus and Braves, which was unveiled in this week's Dengeki? It's because there apparently isn't too much on the game in the magazine. The multi page feature is heavy on media.

The remake, or perhaps "enhanced port" is the correct term, updates the game for PSP with new elements. The visuals have been redone for the wide screen, both for gameplay and event scenes. The screen layout has been redone to make the game more user-friendly.

As mentioned below, the game has a collaboration with the Tales series. Popular characters from the series will appear in the game. The magazine mentions Yuri, Colette and Lion specifically, but it looks like this is just a partial list and more will be announced later.

As detailed below, Venus and Braves will see release on January 20 at ¥5,229.

(I don't recall having ever played Venus & Braves myself, but I was looking up info on the game and stumbled upon this old IGNPS2 article where I apparently shared early impressions.)

ADDED 17:10

Dream Club Portable Gets Slaughtered

Dengeki's reviews are in, and Dream Club Portable got the expectedly terrible review scores. Well, from one reviewer at least.

Dengeki rates games on a 100 point scale (although it only uses scores divisible by five, so it's really a 20 point scale). One reviewer decided that on this scale, Dream Club Portable deserved a 45. I can't recall the last time I saw a Dengeki review score that low.

The other reviewers were kinder to the game, giving it a 75, 70 and 80.

Dream Club Portable's Dream Apron bonus item.

Other review scores this week included:

  • Winning Eleven 2010 (I'm not sure which version): 75, 75, 90, 80
  • Carnage Heart: 75, 75, 95, 85
  • God Eater Burst: 85, 95, 90, 85
  • Fallout New Vegas: 85, 90, 90, 80

Disgaea 4 Has a Punishment System

It looks like a little bit of Criminal Girls has rubbed off on Disgaea 4. Dengeki reveals this week that the latter, like the former, has a "Punishment System." While specifics aren't shared, it looks like you'll be able to make such selections as "Tie hands," "Tie legs" and "Talk dirty."

Your Venus and Braves Tales Crossover Characters

Only one additional bit of info about the PSP version of Venus and Braves has appeared since word of the game first surfaced earlier today (see below). The game will have appearances from at least the following Tales series characters: Colette from Tales of Symphonia, Yurie from Tales of Vesperia, and Lion from Tales of Destiny.

ADDED 11:59

New Generals for Dynasty Warriors 7

Going along with the first details on Dynasty Warriors 7 below, details on the new generals set for the game have surfaced courtesy of Dengeki.

I'm going by Wikipedia for these names, so I've included the Japanese as well in case someone wants to check for mistakes:

  • Sima Shi (司馬師, voice Ryutaro Okiayu)
  • Sima Zhao (司馬昭, voice Daisuke Kishio)
  • Bao Sanniang (鮑三娘, voice Ai Nonaka)

More newcomer generals will be announced from here on out. The game will have the greatest number of generals in series history.

Tecmo Koei will be holding a press conference to announce details on Dynasty Warriors 7 around 13:30 today. See this story for details on how you can watch the live stream of the event.

ADDED 11:36

First Dynasty Warriors 7 Details

First details on Dynasty Warriors 7 have leaked out via Dengeki. In development for the PlayStation 3 (this is just for Japan, I believe), the long awaited sequel will ship in March 2011 complete with 3D support.

Systems, concepts and modes mentioned in Dengeki include:

  • Seamless: The game will switch from movie scenes to battle seamlessly.
  • Chronicle Mode: A story mode focusing on a single general.
  • Variable Attack: You'll be able to bring all weapons into battle with you simultaneously. From these, you can set two for a quick switch as you fight. You'll be able to switch between these two weapons even in mid combo.

Tecmo Koei is promising the largest volume ever for the series.

Venus and Braves Being Remade

Namco Bandai is developing a PSP remake of long forgotten PS2 strategy game Venus and Braves. The PSP version will feature a number of new elements along with characters from the Tales series, and will see release on January 20 at ¥5,229.

Screens from the PlayStation 2 version of Venus & Braves.

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