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Catherine: Meet Vincent's Friends (Again)

Toby, Orlando and Johnny -- Vincent's drinking buddies.


We already met Catherine main character Vincent's loser friends a few weeks back. Well let's meet them again, this time with screenshots courtesy of the Catherine official site.

First up, Tobias:

Tobias, also known as Toby, is a 23-year-old used car salesman who works with Johnny (see below). He's a regular at the bar. He has strong desires to get married, saying that the moment he gets a girlfriend he'll marry her. He has a thing for elderly women and has crush on the bar's waitress.

Next, Orlando:

Orlando is a 32-year-old software engineer, long time friend of Vincent, and also a regular at the bar. He's carefree in both is words and actions, and doesn't seem too fond of the idea of marriage. He advices a worried Vincent against marriage.

Finally, Jonathan:

Jonathan, also known as Johnny, is a 32-year-old used car salesman. He's Vincent and Orlando's old friend, a bachelor, and also a regular at the bar. He works at his father's used car lot and plans on continuing with the family business. He has high ideals with regards to marriage, stating that he believes marriage should be with your destined partner.

Just so you don't lose track, this is the second Catherine update for the day. The first update had some actual gameplay screens courtesy of retailer HMV. For that story, click here.

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