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Dynasty Warriors 7 Goes 3D on PlayStation 3

Sequel hitting next March with 3D support, new gameplay systems, and some star-studded promotions.

First screens of Dynasty Warriors 7 were released today as part of Tecmo Koei's unveiling press conference. The screens don't show one part of the game: it supports 3D output.

Following a teaser announcement at September's Tokyo Game Show, Tecmo Koei gave Dynasty Warriors 7 a proper unveiling earlier today at a press conference held at the Akasaka Blitz event space in central Tokyo.

The event kicked off with a greeting by Tecmo Koei CEO Kenji Matsubara, who recapped the series as a whole, touching even on spinoffs like Gundam Musou and Troy Musou. Saying that PlayStation was the platform on which the series was built up, Matsubara introduced Sony Computer Entertainment Japan president Hiroshi Kawano.

Kawano revealed the first major major bullet point for Dynasty Warriors 7, although it wasn't really much of a surprise given that attendees were handed 3D glasses as they entered the conference hall. Dynasty Warriors 7 will have 3D support, Kawano said.

Matsubara (left) and Kawano (right) opened the press conference before turning the mic over to the producer and the comedians.

Following a 3D trailer for the game, producer Akihiro Suzuki took the stage to detail the game. The concept for this latest Dynasty Warriors game is "Cinematic Ikki Tousen," revealed Suzuki. "Ikki Tousen" refers to that Dynasty Warriors style of gameplay where a players face off against hundreds or thousands of enemies on the battle field.

Producer Akihiro Suzuki introduced Dynasty Warriors 7.

New systems and modes introduced during the press conference include "Seamless Play," where the game switches from cut scene to gameplay without transition, and a new story mode called "Chronicle Mode." New generals include Sima Shi (voice Ryutaro Okiayu), Sima Zhao (voice Daisuke Kishio) and Bao Sanniang (voice Ai Nonaka).

On the gameplay front, the game has a new weapons system. Players can freely change their weapons during battle. You can equip two weapons simultaneously, swapping these out in real time, even in mid combo. This connective attack from the two weapons is known as a "Variable Attack."

The game now allows you to stock up to two Musou gauges. This allows you to chain together your Musou Renbu moves. Each general now has two Renbu moves and are specialists in certain weapons which give them access to EX Attacks when equipped.

Towards the latter half of the press conference, Suzuki, Matsubara and Kawano were joined by some famous Dynasty Warriors series fans. Taking the stage first was comedian Atsushi Tamura who said that he loves the series and history in general and joked that he was 80% raised by Koei.

Comedian Atsushi Tamura is greeted by producer Akihiro Suzuki.

Suzuki also made a vague announcement of the "Yoshimoto Musou Project," a mysterious promotional project that will feature celebrities. Four of those celebrity comedians appeared at the event for a live demo session with Tamura.

These four talents are members of the Yoshimoto Musou Project, a mysterious promotional project.
Tecmo Koei also had the voice actors appear for a talk session.

Closing off the press conference, Suzuki announced that Dynasty Warriors 7 will see release in March 2011.

Tecmo Koei opened an official site for the game. This site contains additional screens and details, so Dynasty Warriors fans will definitely want to take a look.

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