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The 3rd Birthday's Theme Song is "Eyes on Me"

The name of Square Enix's new theme song should sound familiar.


Square Enix announced a collaboration for The 3rd Birthday's theme song at the game's official blog today. J-pop act Superfly has created an original theme song just for the game.

The Superfly official site confirms the name of the theme song to be "Eyes on Me." According to a news posting at the site, Eyes on Me is a "standard love song" and "Superfly's first winter ballad."

You'll hear the song during the game's ending sequence.

Superfly is a "solo unit" consisting of Shiho Ochi on vocals. Originally a duo, the group got its start back in 2004, with its debut single coming through 2007's Hello Hello.

In addition to being used in the game, Eyes on Me will be Superfly's 11th single. It will be released on December 15 as a three track single release.

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