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PlayStation Camp Producer's Wife Has Anger Issues

Lots of fuss over a broken DS, a misbehaving boy, and a confusing Tweet.


Masami Yamamoto is the producer of PlayStation Camp. This Sony Computer Entertainment sponsored amateur developer support program has resulted in some of the most memorable PlayStation brand titles, including Echochrome, What Did I Do To Deserve This, My Lord?, Patchwork Heroes and the upcoming PlayStation 3 title Tokyo Jungle.

Yesterday, Yamamoto posted this image to his Twitter:

Accompanying this image was some deep text that read "In the end, those who do not play games will not understand the feeling of truly wanting to play a game. When the person who destroys the thing you truly want to do tells you to study in order to be able to do the things you want to do in the future, the message won't be delivered even one millimeter."

There was no explanation about why this deeply philosophical message was accompanied by an image of a broken DS system, causing some to speculate that Yamamoto was making some sort of attack on casual friendly Nintendo.

Today, Yamamoto posted a clarification and an apology for causing the fuss (there was quite the fuss, as the Tweet was picked up on by all the big gaming blogs). It turns out that the DS was broken by Yamamoto's wife who was angry that their son kept on playing without following the rules.

Here's Yamamoto posing with something that hopefully isn't a present for his wife.

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