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Holy Crap My Wife Is Due Tomorrow!

Err... the Idea Factory wife simulator, that is.


I totally forgot about My Wife after a last minute delayed back in July. At some point, Idea Factory got on the ball and announced a new date. My Wife is being released tomorrow!

Read this site's in-depth coverage of My Wife here. I don't think anything new has been revealed since the delay, but you will find some some wallpapers at the official site.

Idea Factory is currently holding a download content survey at the site. Participants can request the following:

Combinations like "Apron With Schoolgirl Outfit" accepted
Character voices
For instance, having a certain voice actress play the role of one of the game's girl types
Specify an area like personality or design. Example of personality: "Boyish Type."
Situations, special modes, mini games

The team behind My Wife is waiting for your feedback.

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