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Nintendo's Sales and Earnings Fall

Company sees drop in DS and Wii hardware and software sales, along with effects of strong yen.

Super Mario Galaxy 2 was a worldwide hit for Nintendo, with over 5.1 million units sold.

Nintendo shared today its financial summary for the six months ended September 30. Sales and earnings were down sharply from the same six month period last year due to a rising yen and falling hardware and software sales.

Total sales reached 363,160 million yen, down 33.7% from the 548,058 million yen for the six months ended September 30, 2009. The company had operating earnings of 54,232 million yen, down 48% from the previous 104,360 million yen.

As reason for the lower all around performance, the company cited an appreciating yen. Hardware and software sales for the DS and Wii were also both down substantially (see below for details).

The company posted a net loss of 2,011 million yen. It attributed this to a 62,100 million yen foreign currencies exchange loss.

Highlights for the period mentioned in Nintendo's earnings report included Pokemon Black & White, which sold 4.07 million units through the end of September following its release earlier in the month. For the Wii, the company made note of Super Mario Galaxy 2's 5.1 million unit sales worldwide. Wii Party topped one million units in Japan following its July release.

DS sold 6.69 million units over the period, down from the 11.7 million of the same six month period in 2009. Software was also down from 71.15 million to 54.84 million.

Wii sold 4.97 million units over the period, down from the 5.75 million of 2009. Software was down from 76.21 million to 65.21 million.

Total life to date DS hardware now stands at 135.58 million units, with total software at 773.34 million units. For Wii, the figures are respectively 75.9 million and 610.04 million unit.

For the year as a whole, Nintendo expects sales of 1,100,000 million yen, which would be a decrease of 23.3% from last year. It expects operating earnings of 210,000 million yen, a 41.1% drop from last year. These are unchanged from the revisions announced on September 29.

On the hardware and software sales front, Nintendo expects to sell 23.5 million DS systems, 125 million DS games, 17.5 million Wii systems and 138 million Wii games. The DS hardware and software figures include 3DS. Nintendo expects to sell 4 million 3DS hardware systems and 15 million pieces of 3DS software. These figures are also unchanged from the September 29 revisions.

You can see Nintendo's earnings report for yourself off its investor relations page.

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