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Compile Hearts Acquires Rights to Compile Properties

Publisher plans on using classic IPs for future consumer game developments.


Compile Hearts announced today that it has obtained from D4 Enterprise the rights to the catalogue of games originally released under the Compile brand. Compile Hearts says that will use the old Compile titles for future consumer game development.

Formed in 1982, Compile produced games like Puyo Puyo, Aleste, Blazing Lazers (Gunhed), Spriggan, Alien Crush and Devil Crash before going bankrupt in 2003. Its franchises eventually ended up on Compile Station, a retro game download service operated by D4.

Compile Heart was formed by parent company Idea Factory in 2006 and was initially managed by former Compile president Masamitsu "Moo" Niitani. Compile Heart is known for such games as Record of Agarest War and the recent PlayStation 3 RPG Neptune.

The transfer of rights applies to the full classic Compile catalogue. This presumably does not include Puyo Puyo, which is now owned by Sega.

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