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Nintendo Readying Direct Sales Channel For Wii

Buy food, furniture and more via your Wiimote starting next week!

The Wii no Ma channel (shown above) gets a new section next week.

You can already use your Wii to buy WiiWare and Virtual Console games. Starting November 1, you'll be able to use the system for buying real life goods as well.

Nintendo announced today a new direct sales service called "Wii no Ma Shopping." This service will kick off on November 1 as part of the system's Wii no Ma video channel.

The service will be joint operated by Nintendo Subsidiary Wii no Ma (formed at the time of the Wii no Ma service's start last year) and Osaka-based direct sales firm Senshukai. Goods suppliers will be able to place their product in a mall-like environment on the Wii for direct sales to Wii owners.

At its start, the service will have product from three suppliers: Senshukai, Senshukai Iihana and Shachata. Isetan Mitsukoshi and other retail giants are also scheduled to support the service, Nintendo said.

In a press release outlining the service today, Nintendo listed the following as selling points:

  • Ease of use through the Wiimote
  • Customers can enjoy shopping 24 hours through their television.
  • The service will offer over 10,000 items, from including food, fashion and furniture.
  • The service will offer exclusive items that will not be sold elsewhere.
  • Buyers will be able to make payments via credit card, cash on delivery and payment at nearby convenience stores.
  • The service will also allow orders to be placed via the phone.

Wii currently has 10.7 million systems in Japan, according to the press release. Of these 40% connect to the internet. 85% of owners have the system connected to their living room television.

You can see a video of the Wii no Ma Shopping service in the topics page of the Wii no Ma official site.

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