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Atlus Putting More Money Into Persona 2 Remake

Original's remake sold more, so sequel's remake gets more funds.

The newly opened Persona 2 Innocent Sin official site.

If you bought the PSP remake of the original Persona, you may have contributed to development of the remake of Persona 2 Innocent Sin. In the first post at the PSP title's development blog today, director Shoji Meguro revealed that because sales of the original's remake were higher than expected, Atlus has upped the budget for the Persona 2 remake.

The development staff is using the extra funds to add new features over the original, said Meguro. These features will make owners of the original want to buy the new version. In fact, according to Meguro, players of the original are the main target. This is different from the original's remake, which was targeted for players of Persona 3 and Persona 4. "We believe that the Persona 2 Innocent Sin port is a port for the players of the PlayStation version."

Atlus detailed a number of new features at the game's announcement last week (see this story for details). It's unclear if these are among the features Meguro is talking about. He does say that he'll be sharing details on what's changed from the PlayStation version in the blog's next post, so we should get clarification shortly.

Joining the blog post, the Persona 2 Innocent Sin remake also received a full official site today. The site has a look at the new gameplay systems, profiles of the characters, and the introduction movie that was first shared last week.

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