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And Now For a Look at Catherine's Food

Character designer says he's placing lots of effort in sushi, pizza and other food items.


Gameplay details? Bah! Deep down, what you're most interested in hearing about regarding Catherine is the amount of work that went into creating the in-game food items. Character designer Shigenori Soejima provided a look at just that in the latest Catherine development blog post.

Soejima says that he's placing a lot of effort into the food that appears in the game. This includes pizza, sushi, cake, beverages and other items.

Here's a look:

And here's a close up of the pizza:

Soejima isn't just going to be sharing digital food pics. He also said to look forward to character sketches in future updates.

Along with the food pics, Soejima provided a bit of commentary about the game.

Catherine covers such "instinctual" areas as sexual desire, desire for sleep and hunger, said Soejima. Because of his nightmares, main character Vincent cannot satisfy his need for sleep. "Having a main character who's not out to save the world but has a personal struggle in search for calm is new," joked Soejima. More seriously, he added, "However, this is this what we the people of the world are most concerned with, so I believe people will relate to the character."

Comparing the game to movies, Seojima said that rather than a large Hollywood production, it's more like an independent movie. "It's a title that has depth even though the scale is smaller. We're working to make it so that after trying it, you'll find it interesting and will want to keep playing." He joked, "Having it receive so much attention is very much different from the development we'd been anticipating."

Regardless of Soejima's comments, it does look like Catherine is a big production for Atlus. After all, as Seojima said in a previous blog post, it has more full motion animation (from Studio 3C) than the 30 minutes or so you'd find in a Persona game.

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