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CyberConnect2 CEO Discusses Mystery 15th Anniversary Project

Hiroshi Matsuyama shares a couple of comments about Strelka Stories and also takes up major industry issues.


Solatorobo and Naruto Ultimate Ninja 2 are both out. So what's coming up from Fukuoka-based super developer CyberConnect2?

We actually already know the answer:

That's a teaser image from a a website CC2 unveiled earlier this year to tease a 15th anniversary project. Access the teaser site here.

CC2 CEO Hiroshi Matsuyama shared a few bits and pieces on the mystery project in a recent Impress Watch dialogue. The three part dialogue (only parts 1 and 2 have been posted) was hosted by O-Games founder Yutaka Kounoe and featured Matsuyama and Mojipittan creator Takashi Nakamura,

As many have figured out, the CC2 mystery project has the placeholder name of "Strelka Stories." Said Matsuyama, "Solatorobo was set in an imaginary scientific world, which targets the current generation of boys and girls. The content for this one [Strelka] will target 'Adults who were once youths.' I believe those who like Gurren Lagann and Evangelion will enjoy it. We actually didn't get approval of the project from a client or publisher. It's a title that we started because we wanted to make it."

CC2 deals with more than just video games, but based off the dialogue, it does look like Strelka Stories will be a game.

Strelka Stories is being worked on by CC2's newly opened Tokyo Studio, but it's actually a collaboration between the Tokyo Studio and CC2's main Fukuoka office, Matsuyama said.

Elsewhere in the dialogue, Matsuyama addressed some of the industry's biggest issues.

CC2 CEO Hiroshi Matsuyama.

Regarding Western development, Kounoe noted that through his product Matsuyama appears to be sending out Japanese culture to the rest of the world. Responded Matsuyama, "Of course, because we're Japanese! We can't make a game like an American or European. It's simple. If you make the real thing, it will become a hit throughout the world. After all, Dragon Ball is Japanese, isn't it?"

Matsuyama also appears to take issue with one comment that's constantly mentioned about the current video game industry. "Recently, a number of publishers, developers, and even press, are saying 'The industry is currently in a harsh state.' But it's always been harsh. When did it become easy? In any era, in any industry, only the real thing will survive. That's why this is a good era. The bad people who just wanted a quick buck are gone."

Visit the first part and second part of the Impress Watch dialogue for some glimpses inside CC2's Tokyo Studio.

Included in the pics is a giant meeting room that can hold the studio's entire staff, which is expected to grow to 70. CC2's Fukuoka studio has a larger meeting room, capable of holding 220 people. The two meeting rooms are connected with a video feed. Every monday, everyone gathers for a giant cross nation meeting.

Some shots show cameras mounted on the wall. These are for filming the development studio. But not to make sure everyone is working. Both the Fukuoka and Tokyo studios have cameras and monitors set up so that the staff can see each other.

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