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Valkyria Chronicles 3 Developers Talk PS3, Love Sim Elements and Cameos

Producer and director field questions from fans and press at recent demo event.

Press and fans were able to question Team Valkyria about Valkyria 3. But it looks like the big announcements won't come until the press event on the 9th. (Photo courtesy Sega's Valkyrai 3 Twitter feed.)

Sega held a demo event for Valkyria Chronicles 3 at its Haneda headquarters earlier today. Fans lucky enough to have one a slot for one of the event's three sessions were able to sample the game's demo, which hits PlayStation Store on 11/9, and ask questions of producer Shinji Motoyama and director Takeshi Ozawa.

Sega's Valkyria 3 Twitter provided a live feed of the Q&A responses. Sega also gave the press some exclusive question time with the two develoepers following the event. Impress Watch provided a full transcript for this area.

Expectedly, one of the big questions during the fan part of the Q&A was about possible future developments on PlayStation 3. Motoyama responded, "I personally don't have any likes or hates when it comes to hardware. I also understand that because the first Valkyria was released on PS3 players want another one on the system. However, when selecting platform, we have to make careful consideration, and with this, the reality was that we couldn't easily advance on the PS3. However, I want to say one thing: as developers we absolutely did not want to make a PS3 version that simply reused the materials and engine from part 1."

Interestingly, during the press Q&A session, Ozawa said that the development staff considers part 3 to, in a sense, be the first sequel in the series. This is because when making the switch from part 1 to part 2 they switched platform and thus had to go through a big trial and error phase. This time, because there was no hardware change, the staff can show off the knowledge they gained in making part 2 and reform areas that they regretted.

A number of other, more lighthearted topics, came up during the rest of the Q&A. Here are a few bits:

Love Simulation Elements

Valkyria 3 features two main heroines. Motoyama and Ozawa were asked about the possibility of multiple endings for the two. Responded Motoyama, "There are two heroines, so we've of course readied different ending methods. However, and I have a feeling I should state this later in a more formal space, we aren't out to make a love simulation." The game is meant to be a war drama, he said.

Sub Stories & Clear Time

Part two had lots of separate sub character stories. Part 3 will continue with this, Ozawa said. He said to expect a 35 to 40 hour play time for clearing just the main story, with sub character stories and other elements adding to that total.

Download Content

The staff has yet to decide upon readying download content for the game. Motoyama noted, however, that the game has the infrastructure in place for this, as evidenced by the "0 Chapter" download code that's included as a pre-order bonus. He also noted that, like part 1, the game has "Extra Episodes" that can be enjoyed after clearing the game. If they do actual download content beyond this, Motyama said that he'd like to be able to respond to fan requests for certain types of episodes.

Install Space

The upcoming demo will take 160 megabytes of space, Sega confirmed earlier today. The final version of the game will offer a memory install, with Motoyama estimating this at around 700 to 800 megabytes. Going with the install will give the game the expected load time improvements. The game's save file will be around 500K.

Bonuses for PS3 Version Owners?

While it has been confirmed that the final retail version will have some bonus content for those who clear the upcoming demo and those who have a save file from Valkyra 2, Motoyama also revealed that there will be some sort of bonus for those with a save file form the original PlayStation 3 version.

Character Cameos

Also related to the first two Valkyria Chronicles, some attendees wanted to know what form character appearances from past Valkyria games will take. While it was known that characters from parts 1 and 2 will appear in the game, Motoyama said that members of the 7th Squad and other characters will appear not as guest characters but in missions as part of the natural flow of the story.

Difficulty Settings

The demo build on display at the event was apparently quite difficult. However, some players seem to want a truly difficult experience. Someone asked if the game will unlock a Hard mode for those who've cleared the included Easy and Normal modes. There is no Hard mode, Ozawa said. However, there are Hard missions.

The Valkyria Accessory Kit

There was apparently mention of an Accessory Kit during the demo event. This will include a high quality pouch made in the image of the game's Nameless squad, a front cover for the PSP, original stickers and a dog tag shaped cleaner.

More Announcements to Come

This demo event will be followed by a press event for the game on November 9. Motoyama said to expect some big announcements there.

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