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Square Enix Sales and Earnings Down

Company provides sales stats for first half of year.

Square Enix's biggest game for the six month period was Dragon Quest Monsters Joker 2. A followup is due in early 2011.

Square Enix saw major drops in sales and earnings for the first six months of this year. In its second quarter earnings announcement, issued earlier today, sales were down to 68,056 million yen from the 90,561 million of the same period the year prior. Operating income fell more than half, from 13,091 million to 5,712 million yen.

Sales were below forecasts, the company said, but operating income outperformed forecasts due to continued success of previously released titles. The company actually issued revised forecasts earlier in the week outlining these points.

During an earnings briefing later in the day, Square Enix provided more specific sales data.

Over the six month period, the company sold 8.17 million pieces of software. The three major regions had nearly equal contributions: Japan with 2.84 million units, Europe with 2.71 million units and North America with 2.48 million units.

Dragon Quest Monsters Joker 2, released exclusively to Japan, was Square Enix's biggest seller for the period. Here's a list of top performing software, with regional sales splits:

  • Dragon Quest Monsters Joker 2: 1.28 million (JPN)
  • Kane & Lynch 2: Dog Days: 1.12 million (0.02 JPN, 0.39 NA, 0.71 EU)
  • Final Fantasy XIV: 0.63 million (0.19 JPN, 0.21 NA, 0.23 EU)
  • Just Cause 2: 0.56 million (0.05 JPN, 0.26 NA, 0.25 EU)
  • Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep: 0.51 million (0.01 JPN, 0.31 NA, 0.19 EU)

Including sales from FY 2010, Just Cause 2 has sold 1.48 million units total. Birth by sleep has sold total 1.27 million units.

The big topic of concern during the briefing was Final Fantasy XIV. For some of what was said, see this story.

You can see slides from the briefing at the Square Enix Holdings site. (Click here for a direct link to the PDF.)

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