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First Look: Tales of Graces F Download Costumes

Toro, Code Geass and more for the PS3 version.


We've been hearing reports of the various collaborative costumes Namco Bandai has cooking for Tales of Graces F. Now get a first look courtesy of Famitsu.com.

As previously reported, Pascal will be able to dress like Toro from Sony's Dokodemo Issyo series. As part of a collaboration with Code Geass Lelouch of the Rebellion, Aspel will dress like Sazuku, Sophie like C.C, Cheria like Kallen and Richard like Zero. Sophie will have her Hatsune Miku costume from the Wii version.

Tales of Graces F also has non collaborative items. Shown here, a Sophie stuffed animal and a turtle hat.

For the above items, the costumes will all be obtainable by playing the game. The other items will be paid download content from PlayStation Store.

Separate from the Famitsu.com report, Weekly Famitsu reported this week that Graces F will have free downloadable skit/chat dialogues. These will be distributed on various holidays and commemorative dates.

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