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Team Ninja's Project Progressive and Dead or Alive Cronus Cancelled

New studio head confirms cancelations.

Dead or Alive Dimensions, one Team Ninja game we're sure will see release.

Scratch Project Progressive and Dead or Alive Code Cronus off your most wanted list, if they're for some reason still there. Both long awaited Team Ninja projects have been officially cancelled.

Team Ninja head Yousuke Hayashi confirmed that the two games are no longer in development in an interview posted at Famitsu.com today.

Regarding Project Progressive, Hayashi said development had progressed all the way through what he referred to as a "plot version." However, five years back, the team stopped development and have no plans to continue.

As for Dead or Alive Code Cronus, development on this game never actually started. "It was just at the framework level," said Hayashi. It is "officially cancelled," he said.

In an old Famitsu interview from 2005 (see IGN for a summary), then Team Ninja head Tomonobu Itagaki gave only a few hints about the two games. For Cronus, he said the game's genre was "Kodomo," which is Japanese for "child," although he assured that the game is not in any way meant for kids. For Project Progressive, he said the game would be an action game, but completely different from the type of action in Ninja Gaiden and a new challenge for Tecmo. Both games were originally planned for Xbox but switched to Xbox 360.

Famitsu's interview with Hayashi covered all areas of Team Ninja's current and upcoming work, most notably Ninja Gaiden 3. For what Hayashi had to say about this mystery project, see this summary.

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