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Shoji Meguro Shares a Few Bits about Catherine's Soundtrack

Music master focusing on the audio side of Catherine rather than Persona 2.

Will scenes like this have original jazz music in the background?

Shoji Meguro penned the latest post at the Catherine development blog. The game's composer had just a few bits to share this week.

Regarding the game's bonus soundtrack CD, Meguro said that he's yet to decide what songs to include. One can split the game's music into four broad categories, he explained: Classical arrangements for the action part, original jazz music for the event parts, string music for the anime part, and songs with currently unannounced elements. He'd personally like to include a bunch of classical arrangements in the bonus CD, as he thinks this will be most enjoyable to players.

Meguro also discussed his work on the PSP version of Persona 2 Innocent Sin, which he's directing. His focus on the music production side of things is on Catherine. Atsushi Kitajoh, who previously worked on games like Hospital, is handling sound effect work on Catherine, but is also in charge of the remixed background music in the Innocent Sin remake.

We'll get some details on what those "unannounced elements" are for Catherine's musical component in his next posting at the official blog, said Meguro.

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