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Namco Bandai Sees Increased Earnings

Tekken 6 was company's biggest title for first half of year.

Tekken 6, Namco Bandai's biggest title for the first half of the year.

Namco Bandai saw increased sales and earnings for the first six months of the year. However, its contents division, which includes video games, posted losses due in part to lower than expected performance of new franchises.

For the April through September period, the company saw sales of 173,595 million yen, up slightly from last year's 172,733 million. Operating income reached 5,067 million yen, up from a loss of 2,615 million the year prior. Due to special losses, the company reported a net loss of 1,930 million.

In its "contents" division, which includes video games, arcade machines, and movie and music content, sales were at 71,452 million yen. This segment posted a loss of 2,600 million yen.

Popular titles for the term included Another Century's Episode: R and One Piece Gigant Battle!. However, new titles that were planned to become franchises in overseas markets failed to meet expectations.

Japan was Namco Bandai's biggest territory, with 9.8 million pieces of software sold. US had 7.3 million and europe 3.8 million. In Japan, portable gaming accounted for 2/3 of Namco Bandai's unit software sales while consoles were dominant elsewhere.

The company's biggest game for the term was Tekken 6, which sold 1.07 million units in the US. Tekken was followed by Despicable Me (US/europe) with 390,000 units, Dead to Rights Retribution (US/Europe) with 350,000 units, Another Century's Episode R (Japan) with 310,000 units and Taiko Drum Master (Japan, DS) with 270,000 units.

DS was the company's biggest platform, with 2,035,000 units sold. PS3 followed with 1,825,000, followed by PSP with 1,201,000, Xbox 360 with 980,000 and Wii with 803,000.

You can read Namco Bandai's full earnings report at its investor relations page. For a direct link to the relevant PDF, click here.

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