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Help Capcom Design a Mega Man Legends Mech

Phase two of the user contribution component of Legends 3.


Phase two of Capcom's user participation component for the development of Mega Man Legends 3 kicked off today. After having fans select the game's new heroine in phase one, Capcom is letting players get even more involved in the design process through the creation of a new "Bonne Mecha" for the game.

The Bonne Mecha are the mechs that are controlled by the Bonne Family. In past Legends games, they looked like this:

Capcom wants fans to create a new Bonne Mecha for Mega Man Legends 3. But not entirely from scratch. Participants are supposed to consult some design documents that were apparently shared at a staff meeting:

These documents provide hints for what the final design should be like. There's a whole lot of Japanese in there, so those who prefer English should probably wait until the English Capcom Unity Devroom site is updated with details.

To take part in the Japanese side of the contest, visit the Japanese dev room.

The winning idea will be used in the game, and the author will have his or her name placed in the game's credit list.

Capcom won't be giving out money for your hard work, but you will get "Dev Room Zenny," presumably money for use in the upcoming Dev Room SNS update. Further details on this area will be shared in a future update.

Joining the design documents for the mecha, Capcom provided a recap of the Bonne family as a whole. This is also in Japanese at present.

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