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Tetsuya Nomura Delivers a Message About Final Fantasy 012 Dissidia

Plus, take a look back at Final Fantasy III in the latest Historical Compendium update.


The Dissidia 012 Final Fantasy official site was given a new section today. As it does for many of its releases, Square Enix is having the development staff deliver messages about the game, and up first is "Creative Producer & Concept Designer" Tetsuya Nomura.

Wrote Nomura, "I often hear that that people are still continuing to play the original. I have tremendous thanks for this steadfast support. Because of this, we were able to produce a sequel."

Development appears to be nearing completion. "Presently, we're entering the final stages in approach of completion," said Nomura. "The staff is working day and night to exceed the expectations of everyone."

Nomura suggested that players be on the lookout not just for all the new character announcements, but also for the changes being implemented for all the past characters. He also said to expect announcements for new gameplay systems and other elements.

Joining Nomura's message, the Final Fantasy Historical Compendium site was also updated today with a look back at Final Fantasy III. Check the site for the usual look at memorable scenes, gameplay systems, and characters, all set to some nostalgic music.

Compared to the first two FF games, which have been ported to everything, FFIII is only listed for Famicom, Nintendo DS and Virtual Console.

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