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Shenmue City Unveiling Live Blog

Yu Suzuki and Segata Sanshiro will take the stage at Tokyo press conference for new social Shenmue.


Sunsoft is holding a press conference to properly unveil Shenmue City today. If this were Shenmue 3, I would have dispatched your andriasang.com event live blogging chief Alex "cvxfreak" Aniel. But it's not Shenmue 3, so instead I'm going to live blog from Starbucks while viewing the event live stream.

Shenmue mastermind Yu Suzuki is going to be appearing along side suits from Sega, Sunsoft and DeNA (operator of the mobile service Mobagetown that will be hosting the game). Hiroshi Fujioka, aka Segata Sanshiro, will also take the stage as a special guest.

You can, of course, watch the proceedings for yourself here. For a live blog of the happenings, check back in this space around the start time of 16:00.

For everything we know about Shenmue City, check our Shenmue City article archive here.

CORRECTION: One post in the live blog suggested that Suzuki was referring to future Shenmue series developments as he discussed Shenmue's continuing story during the Q&A section of the press conference. He was actually referring to new story elements in Shenmue City itself. However, later in Q&A session, Suzuki did allude to story developments outside of Shenmue City. For a more formal writeup on Suzuki's comments, see this story.

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17:18 -- They're closing the press conference now. I'll have a more formalized report about the game and Suzuki's comments later on on the main channel.

17:15 -- I seriously have no idea what Segata was saying throughout that whole final message.

17:13 -- His comments cannot possibly translated into English because they're way too fierce.

17:12 -- Sorry I didn't live blog any of Segata's comments.

17:12 -- I think they're delivering final messages.

17:07 -- This guy used to fight for all that was good and Sega:

17:06 -- Suzuki says that he called on Fujioka (that's Segata's real name) to play the part of Ryo's dad because he wanted an actual fighter for the role.

17:05 -- I don't know what the hell this guy is talking about, but it's getting me pumped up!

17:03 -- Love Segata's deeeep voice!

17:03 -- As a Sega employee, she should know it by heart.

17:02 -- I can't believe the MC has to read Segata's introduction.

17:01 -- Segata Sanshiro time!

17:01 -- He says if possible he'd like to tell all the stories if he can in whatever format possible.

17:00 -- Suzuki says it's actually 11 scenarios.

16:59 -- The IT Media guy asked if Suzuki plans on finishing up all 16 chapters of the Shenmue story.

16:58 -- One last question!

16:58 -- However, Suzuki said that the game could go beyond this through version ups.

16:57 -- Oh, btw, it seems that the story for Shenmue City is all about chapter 1 of the game -- that is, Yokosuka.

16:57 -- Suzuki is explaining how the "City" part of the name came about.

CORRECTION: For the below response, Suzuki was specifically referring to new story elements as implemented in Shenmue City. See this story for further details

16:56 -- He didn't say "3," but he was totally talking about it!

16:55 -- Suzuki said that there is a remaining story after part 2, and he'd like to at some point deliver it to players, although he can't promise it.

16:55 -- The Famitsu guy also asked about story.

16:54 -- Suzuki says that the social aspects come in the fighting. You can also send messages to people in the same area. There are also some areas surrounding the dojo.

16:53 -- The question was about the social aspects of the game.

16:53 -- Famitsu.com dude gets the first question.

16:52 -- Evil!

16:52 -- The lady said to keep the questions just about Shenmue City.

16:52 -- Uh-oh...

16:52 -- Someone asks about Shenmue 3 PLEASE!!!

16:52 -- They're letting the press ask questions now.

16:52 -- That lady just told Suzuki to take his seat!

16:50 -- You could eventually manage your own Game Center You arcade.

16:50 -- One activity you can do in the game is take on part time jobs.

16:49 -- You can see a few development shots of the Yahoo Mobage PC version if you look closely.

16:49 -- The screens they were showing earlier were all mobile version shots.

16:48 -- They're showing the PC version now.

16:48 -- I couldn't hear clearly, but I think there was some talk about building up a shop earlier. I'll have a clearler writeup later.

16:47 -- Lots of other Sega characters -- Nights, Sonic, Opa Opa

16:47 -- Hang On motorcylces too!

16:47 -- Ooh... Virtua Fighter Kids Gacha Gacha!

16:47 -- The game has Gachacon it seems.

16:46 -- Sorry... my feed got cut off.

16:43 -- Your dojo has a rank. I believe the rankings are named after Virtua Fighter rankings.

16:43 -- A few pics:

16:42 -- You'll only have access to the Match option once you've gained your own dojo.

16:41 -- The game will find an opponent amongst other Shenmue City users, and you'll fight them.

16:41 -- Eventually, the "Match" option will appear on the My Page menu.

16:40 -- In the Kung Fu area, you can master moves to become a Kung Fu master, which has an effect on battle.

16:39 -- I don't think you actually explore the city if that's what you were expecting.

16:39 -- I think they're saying that you select "search," and events are added to your event list, then you select those to take part in those events, and eventually you'll end up in a boss fight. Clear the boss fight and you'll advance to the next stage.

16:35 -- Event is like missions.

16:35 -- There are three areas shown in the My Page area -- Search, Event and Kung Fu

16:35 -- They're showing your "My Page."

16:34 -- Players play as a student in the Hazuki dojo, working along side Ryo.

16:33 -- The player is the main character this time.

16:33 -- Next, they're showing the opening screen.

16:32 -- They're showing a bunch of characters. This is a character select screen.

16:31 -- The "top" screen.

16:31 -- They're showing the game's start screen.

16:31 -- The image they're showing of Ryo and Nozomi is the "main" image for the game.

16:30 -- They're going to show video while Suzuki explains the game.

16:29 -- Takeuchi, who worked on the original Shenmue, takes the stage.

16:28 -- He's going to speak about the game now.

16:26 -- The press (or maybe the fans) clap.

16:26 -- Following an English language introduction video, Yu Suzuki takes the stage.

16:25 -- Why is it in English?

16:25 -- In English?

16:25 -- Yu Suzuki introduction!

16:23 -- Now he's moving on to Yahoo Mobage, which is a PC version of Mobagetown. Shenmue City will be available for both.

16:20 -- Ghetto Ustream pic!

16:19 -- He's explaining Mobagetown now.

16:19 -- Mr. Moriyasu from DeNA takes the stage.

16:18 -- He's thanking fans for the heated messages they have been sending over the past years.

16:16 -- Oops... ignore that last one!

16:16 -- Ooh! Slime confirmed for Mario Sports Mix!


16:16 -- EYES

16:16 -- REACTIVE

16:16 -- FULL

16:16 -- You all know what that stands for, right?

16:15 -- Now he's talking about "FREE."

16:15 -- He just said "When Shenmue was released, AKB48's members were still in elementary school."

16:15 -- He's reminding us now about the time Shenmue was released.

16:13 -- Back before Shenmue's announcement, there was a rumor within Sega that the charisma producer Yu Suzuki was making a super huge title.

16:11 -- He's recapping the release of the first Shenmue.

16:11 -- Next, Sega's mobile business head, Hiroyuki Miyazaki.

16:11 -- The dudes name was Yoshida. President of Sunsoft.

16:11 -- Yoshida

16:11 -- BTW, Sunsoft invited some general users to the event -- about 100 I believe.

16:10 -- That's "Sunsoft's" full power.

16:10 -- "We will put our full power behind Shenmue Gai."

16:10 -- He says they will show with Shenmue Gai how great SNS games can be.

16:10 -- He says Sega, the super producer Yu Suzuki, and Sunsoft have teamed up to bring the SNS title Shenmue Gai on Mobagetown.

16:09 -- This guy is from Sunsoft.

16:09 -- Here you go...

16:09 -- I'm not sure of the context yet though.

16:09 -- He's talking about old games -- Afterburner, etc.

16:08 -- And why do you get to speak at a Shenmue press conference?

16:08 -- Who are you Mr. Japanese man?

16:07 -- He's wearing a giant ribbon!

16:07 -- Some Japanese dude is speaking!

16:07 -- It started!

16:07 -- Ahh!

16:07 -- Hopefully it's just a temporary glitch! I want to see me some Shenmue, even if it's a browser game!

16:07 -- Hmm... the live stream doesn't seem to be starting for me for some reason.

15:22 -- I'll begin the live blog around 16:00 or so, so check back then!

15:22 -- You may want to tune into the live stream now if you aren't already, as they're playing some memorable Shenmue music in the background.

15:21 -- Some pics:

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